My response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #22: Monotetra


A nearby church clock chimed midnight,

She moved her face into the light

And hoped that she had got it right

For his delight, for his delight.


She checked her buttons were undone,

It had to be a perfect one.

The camera clicked, a loaded gun;

It was for fun, it was for fun.


He called to say it was over,

They could never be together;

But an image lasts for ever;

Wasn’t clever, wasn’t clever.


The next day, on the Internet,

Her naked photo was a threat.

The nasty comments made her sweat;

She was a bet, she was a bet.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


10 thoughts on “Selfie

    1. Unfortunately, this is all too common. There was a very interesting BBC programme about sexting not so long ago and I know that girls were doing it at the school where I used to teach. They just don’t realise…

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