Summer Melodrama

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Friday Music Prompt 48: Fields of June and to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night #175

Fields of June

We crossed fields patched with scudding cloud and sun,

Down lovers’ lane, edged with buttercups and dog rose.

Hand in hand, we made our way as one,

To a haze of purple grass in the water meadows.

We stood and watched a pair of white swans spoon,

Loose downy feathers floated on the breeze,

The flooded millpond was empty for a day in June:

No dragonflies, no raucous ducks or geese.

We stood in ominous silence, side by side,

Reflected in a watery, sepia portrait

And before I had the chance to be a bride,

You dived into the reeds and I knew it was too late.

I heard the splash and gurgle of your fight,

Watched as the startled swans took flight;

I knew your life had already been borne away

As the summer sky turned from blue to grey.

I visit the water meadows every year,

Hoping that your soul still lingers here.
© Kim M. Russell, 2016

18 thoughts on “Summer Melodrama

  1. “The last few lines just took my breath away,” she gasped. “I could feel the suddenness; the resignation; the pain.” She continued, “‘ominous silence’ could be felt as each line became colder, and provided only a tiny clue. I thought they were breaking up . . . And, I do think his spirit lingers there.”
    “Thanks so much for participating in Friday Music Prompt. I hope you enjoyed the music and the challenge.

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  2. “I visit the water meadows every year,
    Hoping that your soul still lingers here.” A beautiful and sad piece. I hope it is fiction.

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