A Keeper of the Earth

I am the apple
a juicy planet in space
born of root and branch
conceived in a blossom’s seed
spinning and dancing with stars

Kim M. Russell, 2017


Image found on Shutterstock

My response to Carpe Diem Namasté, the Spiritual Way #4 keepers of the earth

This week’s Namasté episode is about being one with nature. Chèvrefeuille says that we need nature and have to take care of nature; we are all keepers of the earth and we are praising earth with our haiku. He asks us to live with nature as if we see it for the very first time; see that apple as if we see it for the first time, look at it and follow its life back to the blossoms, the bare branches, the trunk, its roots, in order to experience its beauty, its richness, its taste to the max. In a way, he is asking us to become the apple. Isn’t that what Zen-Buddhism means?

Zen-Buddhism is one of the pillars of haiku. In Zen-Buddhism one of the sacred ideas or thoughts is Oneness: being one with all and everything around us. Chèvrefeuille says that this Namasté feature is meant to be a kind of meditation, to contemplate and become part of the story of our lives: as keepers of the earth.

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