Man-Made Mayhem

A fragment of lodestone is lodged
like the Snow Queen’s ice in my heart,
a magnet for wytal* absurdities
which are chewing my senses apart.
They flock together in an ashen sky:
irreversible infestations, a billowing canopy
of simmering ridiculousness attracted to me.
I know they are innocent and I must stay calm:
pear-shaped bananas can mean me no harm.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Week 146

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #146

A bit of light-hearted nonsense for a sunny Monday afternoon in March. That was a tough Wordle!

*Wytai (n.) a feature of modern society that suddenly strikes you as absurd and grotesque—from zoos and milk-drinking to organ transplants, life insurance, and fiction—part of the faint background noise of absurdity that reverberates from the moment our ancestors first crawled out of the slime but could not for the life of them remember what they got up to do.

12 thoughts on “Man-Made Mayhem

    1. Some people in the UK blame the EU for food waste and then only buy ‘designer’ fruit from supermarkets. They won’t buy weirdly shaped potatoes, carrots, turnips, straight bananas, apples with knobbly bits on, which got me thinking about fruit shaped like other fruit!

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