Snapshot of Christmas Day

The landscape’s smeared
with brown and grey
on this fleeting Christmas day.

Winter holds sway with icy puddles
and breath forms frozen particles
on still air. Only seagulls dare

tease the tedium;
they wheel, sideslip and dive,
grey wings merge with grey sky.

Around the corner
waits the black backdrop
of a drawn-out night
and the promise
of a sky full of starlight.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Snapshot of Christmas Day

My response to Imaginary Garden with real Toads Tuesday Platform

Magaly is our host for this Boxing Day and says that she has been mourning warm weather.  She has shared a poem with us and encourages us to get lost in poetry.

27 thoughts on “Snapshot of Christmas Day

    1. The poem is about my walk to and from our local church to have a chat with mum. We had it to ourselves, it was very peaceful; on the way up I was crying and on the way back I was looking forward to the day being over. Mum’s anniversary is on 9th January, so I have to prepare myself for that. Thankfully Ellen and her husband arrived yesterday afternoon, so we had a lovely time with them. They go back later today. But Ellen will be back again for two nights next weekend.


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