Silver Anniversary

Time is a constant artist:
a sculptor tracing years on skin
from the moment we began;
an artist reflecting colours
of spring, summer and autumn;
a playwright feeding us our lines;
a novelist unfolding chapters in our book.
Now we have time to pause
and marvel at the winter sun
composing poetry in our garden.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

David and me at Southwold 8th August 2017

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Get Listed: Landslide Month

Angie would like us to write a poem, a new creation about new beginnings, a special celebration or a milestone memory, using the word list ingredients she has provided. She wants us to use all four words from one of the lists. I chose the list with the words: pause, reflect, unfolding and years, to write about our anniversary next Tuesday.



34 thoughts on “Silver Anniversary

  1. This is such a wonderfully heartening poem, Kim!❤ I love the idea of time being “a playwright feeding us our lines; a novelist unfolding chapters in our book.” Happy Anniversary in advance 🙂 wishing you both a world of happiness.❤🥂

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  2. awwww……and awwwww again! Happy anniversary Kim and hubby. Thanks for making a poem for him, and to let us read about your milestone commemoration. Time IS a constant artist, and we DO get better with age. Thanks for planting this seed in our garden today. It is perfect and lovely and full of hope.

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  3. Time as an artist – how marvelous! Happy Anniversary! Ours is coming up next year. I will think of this poem.
    I chose the same list you did and ended up in a different place. Isn’t poetry grand?

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  4. I don’t know where my comment went. I love this poem. A constant artist….you come us with such amazing lines and poems. Beautiful the years you two have spent together. Congratulations to you two on Tuesday. Hugs.

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