Larger in area than the British Isles,

Doggerland’s submerged landscape

Formed a bridge for miles

From the English coast to Europe.

In the nineteen thirties

A block of peat was dredged

By a Cromer fishing trawler

From the seabed.

Inside the blackened sod

A delicate harpoon head

Carved from red deer antler,

Polished, scored and barbed.

It was once attached

To the harpoon shaft

Of a prehistoric man,

Hunting on Norfolk land,

And washed by freshwater

Down to Doggerland.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

The Antler Harpoon from circa 9,500 BC was dredged off the North Norfolk coast in September 1931 and can be seen at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery.


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