1. My First Blog Haiku

my first blog written,
no echo, no reflection,
waiting in silence

2. Insomnia Haiku

clock hands crawl tick creep
first light steals in through window
nights deprived of sleep

3. Rejection Haiku

a shadow stamped on
the spark of my creative
soul – it did not die

4. Haiku to my Cats

jewel-eyed felines,
haughty stalkers, yowl and purr,
gently knead my heart

5. Haiku to Old Friends

despite decades and
miles between us, yesterday
is still our today

6. Schizo Writer Haiku

I split into three:
observer, critic and scribe
talk among themselves

7. Descriptive Writing Haiku

capturing senses
bound by imagination
freeing sights and sounds

8. Bounce and Rhyme Haiku

inquisitive eyes
ears that pick up everything
acquiring new words

9. Monday Morning Haiku

soundtrack of birdsong
pink blossom still falls like snow
week full of promise

10. Sunday Haiku

cat sits on the bin,
lazily stretches and yawns,
soaking up the sun

11. Found WW2 Haiku

surrender of armed forces
our future was saved

12. Windy Saturday Haiku

strong currents of air
scattering pink confetti
a late spring wedding

13. Haiku for Mum

although you’re fading,
your smile is familiar –
just your words are lost

14. Morning Haiku

dawn’s grey penumbrae
shattered by luminous rays
lifted like a veil

15. Wednesday Haiku

middle of the week
mercurial Woden’s day
the weekend is near

16. Blossom Haiku

tree in the garden
covered in pink candy floss
spun by spring breezes

17. May Haiku

weeping May raindrops
the willow in the garden
Is strangled by weeds

18. Fountain Haiku

for a split second
lucent droplets are captured
in frozen splendour

19. Childhood Haiku

innocent pleasure
circles on a tricycle
you were the axis

20. Cherubs in a Pond

orbiting in space
Gemini lit in marble
two moons face to face

21. Winding Stairs Haiku

time worn and sculpted,
smoothed by endless soles of feet,
cool in summer’s heat

22. Stone Faced Haiku

sculpted and sombre
woeful physiognomy
ghost grey effigy

23. Sunrise Haiku

Inspired by the Emily Dickinson quote: ‘I’ll tell you how the sun rose, a ribbon at a time’

once as the sun rose
I tried to tie its ribbons
into knots and bows

24. Bay Tree Haiku

burnished foliage
aromatic evergreen
laurel in the crown

25. Daily Life Haiku

everyone has to
hang their washing on a line
wherever they live

26. Mouse Hunt Haiku

cat in the garden
strolls paw-deep in morning dew
springs into action

27. Poetic Ghosts

words become poems –
ephemeral ghosts as soon
as they are spoken

28. Dysfunctional Family

artifice and lies
tangled in family ties
words are out of place

29. Gloomy Monday

there is no birdsong
mornings are dark, damp and cold
gloomy days ahead

30. Secret Photographer

zooming in on prey
captures with a camera
souls of innocents

31. Wheelbarrow

rusty wheelbarrow
used to carry heavy loads
is now filled with tears

32. Purple Heather

fragrant purple haze
an expanse of heather heath
humming with bee song

33. City Sounds 

clamorous jangling
of city jazz jars senses
clarion horns blare

34. Pumpkin

a warm-weather fruit
rainbow of colours and shapes
Halloween lantern

35. Wild Fruits

wild fruits burn scarlet
against defiant and green
lush leafy richness

36. Yin and Yang

dynamic balancing cat
unites black and white

37. Papaya 

musky papaya
smooth-skinned fruit of the tropics
colour of sunrise

38. Last Night

last night I watched as
frayed threads of the horizon
unravelled in dusk

39. Corn Husk Doll

from native folklore
faceless product of harvest
spirit of the corn

40. Garden Gate

blemished and broken
gateway to a green garden
and wildlife haven

41. Autumn Crocus

awaited in spring
clandestine autumn crocus
October’s surprise

42. After the Rain

the rain has finished
anointing leaves with a sheen
of turbulent green

43. Swan

A sculpture of ice
Reflected in the water?
No, a graceful swan.

44. Imagination

princes become frogs
animals act like humans
shadows are demons

45. Train Ride

a rhythmic heartbeat
departure and arrival
scenery between

46. Arabesque

counter-balanced poise
of technical perfection
welds body and soul

47. Harvest Fire

naked fields are parched
stubble burns with crackling flames
the charred field quivers

48. Horizon Haiku

drama in the sky
clouds and silhouettes in a
Norfolk horizon

49. Moonshadow Haiku

in the moon’s embrace
of shadows, orchids orbit
an unearthly space

50. Cows on a Foggy Morning

cows stand as frozen
breath taken by the splendour
of sun-shattered fog

51. Ladybird Haiku

rubicund jewel
seven spotted ladybird
flying away home

52. Masks 

Venetian disguise
array of gaudy treasures –
who will be revealed?

53. Winter Haiku

scarves and hats appear
winter is round the corner
snowball in his hand

54. Leaning

above ancient bones
embraced by soil, roots and worms
sold stones are leaning

55. Midweek Haiku

Wednesday wanders in
neither beginning nor end
a mid-week crisis

56. Norfolk Reeds

russet Norfolk reeds
whisper windy sibilants
quietly rusting

57. Fragility

bell-shaped curve of glass
disperses luminescence
light’s fragility

58. Root

wizened, tangled root
life leached away by ivy
a vampiric embrace

59. Morning Star and Moon

early morning star
orbiting a crescent moon
silver seduction

60. Vapour Trail

vapour trail ribbon
across the sky tying up
late afternoon clouds

61. Winter Blossom

delicate blossom
pale snowflakes on sparse branches
a winter surprise

62. Rusty Barn

rusty vacant barn
swathed with ivy and bracken
in nature’s embrace

63. Winter Boats

behind bare branches
all the boats are safely moored
winter has arrived

64. Winter Willow Wept

winter willow wept
shedding golden leafy tears
not a sound was heard

65. Snowflake Tears

snowflakes on eyelash
crystals descended from clouds
become tracks of tears

66. Coyote

little prairie wolf
gregarious and vocal
wily and feral

67. Overgrown Garden

through tangled branches
of an overgrown garden
patch of sky breaks through

68. Flock of Gulls

turning on a wing
gulls dip to water’s surface
flocking in sea foam

69. Christmas Haiku

bright Christmas market
drenched with scent of cinnamon
cracking nuts with love

70. Lonely Words

watery words weep
steeped in hours of lonely thoughts
talking to myself

71. Narrowing Focus

crowded winter copse
lattice of leafless branches
one sturdy trunk

72. Night Sounds

sizzling of white noise
and gentle groans of the house –
there is no silence

73. Snow on Snow

page of snow below
awaiting words traced by birds
shadow picture book

against a clear sky
naked winter trees dressed with
clouds of snow blossom

74. Writing Haiku

old words and ideas
in a long established style
written with fresh ink

75. Great Cold

every blade of grass
silver white with morning frost
bows to the great cold

76. Evensong

a trill in twilight
nocturnal robin’s final
song before nightfall

77. Flying

upside down playground
trees turn to sky turn to ground
flying on a swing

78. Dawn’s Shipwreck

drifting in slumber
Morpheus pulls me under
diving into dreams

surfacing from deep
altered consciousness of sleep
rising sun stirs me

.lifting languid lids
broken shards of sleep amid
dawn’s shipwreck of sheets

79. Embers

embers in the grate
gems of fire that flare and flame
one last time and die

80. Courtesan

gift-wrapped courtesan
gorgeous ikebana bloom
inscrutable face

world of the teahouse
floating on tides of pleasure
artifice and art

81. Dawn

ribbons of colour
criss-cross dawn’s rosy heaven
sun bursts into day

82. Love and Hope

in the wild garden
innocent snowdrops embrace
a wizened plum tree

a wizened plum tree
raises blossomless branches
snowdrops at its roots

snowdrops at its roots
give the ancient plum tree love
hope for spring blossom

83. Celestial Kiss

the sun meets the moon
as it rises each morning
and gently explodes

84. Banishing the Frost

early morning frost
embellishing blades of grass
melted by the sun

melted by the sun
artifice of winter fades
silver turns to green

silver turns to green
grey branches dappled with buds
spring is in the air

85. Valentine Compass

compass of my heart
points me in your direction
no signposts required

86. A Kiss from Heaven

in muddy puddles
every crystalline raindrop
a kiss from heaven

87. Opening Curtains

 opening curtains
after a long dark winter
sunny day bursts in

88. Compassion

in a single bowl
there are many grains of rice
share with compassion

89. Snowdrop’s Chill

white waxen petals
droop with weight of morning frost
forefinger tingles

90. Unexpected Frost

unexpected frost
spider’s web gilt with silver
each dew drop a pearl

91. A Gentle Reminder

pale slice of silver
modest moon in light of day
resplendent at night

92. Silence

silence lies between
rhythm, chords and melody
blue of disquiet

93. Dragonfly Dance

electric blue flash
shimmer of dragonfly dance
in summer garden

94. Cascading Moonlight

My first attempt at a cascading haiku 

purest silver light
cascades into darkest night
heaven’s lantern

heaven’s lantern
constant but drawn by the tide
fades into black

fades into black
from a smiling face
to a winking eye

95. Blowing Dandelions

chattering children
blow on dandelion clocks
seeds drift on the wind

96. Quietude

silent azure sky
kisses the water gently
quiet ripples spread

97. Releasing Stardust

branches of tall trees
tear holes in night’s canopy
releasing stardust

98. Rainbows in the Mud

downpour of water
bouncing in puddles creates
rainbows in the mud

99.  Onion Tears

below parchment skin
silvery rings of onion
bitter tears within

100. Glorious Morning

early rays of sun
unravel grey morning mist
frost begins to thaw

early rays of sun
outline shadows with silver
dew drips from branches

early rays of sun
trace peaceful looping river
heron dips its head

101. Paradox

man-made piano
ebony and ivory
music of nature

102. Punning Haiku

distant thunder claps
flash of lightning in the sky
heavenly applause

103. Motley Nature

nature embroiders
new colours in the landscape
motley tapestry

104. Blood Orange Sky

stain of blood orange
seeps across the evening sky
dripping juiciness

105. Crying Wolf

howling at the moon
in silver desperation
lonely crying wolf

106. Mother Tongue

native mother tongue
umbilical cord of words
poet’s soul-anchor

 107. Spawning Spring

thick clouds of frogspawn
quicken the pond with new life
swollen bullfrog croaks

108. The Pagoda at Kew Gardens

distant London bus
amongst trees, shrubs and flowers
peaceful pagoda

109. Pomegranate

sharp blade splits smooth skin
fingers stained by fruity blood
spilling red jewels

110. Ferocious Love

a burst of orange
marked by stripes of black
protective mother

a burst of orange
baring teeth as sharp as knives
ready to attack

marked by stripes of black
stalks sun-dappled forest track
on dangerous paws

protective mother
tumbling with her playful cubs
a ferocious love

111. Persimmon

with the weight of stones
divine fruit falls from the tree
tastes light as cloud

112. Breath of Spring

golden shadows strewn
across the heath and roadside
exhaling gorse scent

113. Crack of Spring

at the crack of spring
a brief shower of flowers
playing in the breeze

114. Green Cabbage

the humble cabbage
has many leafy layers
and a tender heart

115. Primroses

generous flowers
of sturdy simple yellow
growing gently

in a hedge’s shade
dancing in fields and meadows
shy in flowerbeds

116. Magnificent Magnolia

buds like rabbits’ tails
silky casings split and fall
littering the grass

reveal spring-time crush
of magnificent flowers
with their creamy blush

117. Admirable Act

sharpening pencil
by the light of a candle
a haiku blossoms

118. Blue Freedom

against perfect sky
white sails accentuate blue
freedom of the sea

119. Hidden Object

morning sun creeps in
between slats in the shutters
igniting dust motes

120. Moody Blue

saturated sky
seeping into inner space
beyond indigo

121. Early Midges

by reed-fringed water
early season midges dance
in sun’s reflections

122. Friend and Shiver

in heated moments
the cool hand of a true friend
can make you shiver


123. Sky-borne


127. Dawn Chorus

navy night silence
rippled by drips of birdsong
greeting a new day

128. Birth of a Haiku

Birth of a Haiku

129. Spring Promise

A Spring Morning

130. Dawn (de) light

Dawn delight

131. Finding the Divine

entrance and exit
incorporated in one
an open gateway

132. Cloudscape


133. Dogged Night

dark night dogs bright day
scintillating stars and moon
silvered by the sun

134. Silver Trail of Morning

 Silver Trail of Morning haiga

135. Crazy Cat Lady

purr, fur and whiskers
and unconditional love
crazy cat lady

136. Magnolia Blossom

shy garden geisha
pink flush against creamy skin
magnolia blooms

137. Muddy Road

Muddy Road

138. Yielding to Plum Blossom

expectant snowdrops
at the feet of the plum tree
yield to new blossoms

139. Savannah Clouds

wind shifts at midday
clouds above the savannah
squeeze first drops of rain

140. Flaming into Autumn

ancient gingko tree
cooling green fans of summer
flame into autumn

141. Final Moments

dark handfuls of earth
final moments like kisses
melt into mourning

142. Sweetness of Nature

honeysuckle blooms
warbling birds and humming bees
partake of sweetness

143. Rising Lotus Flower

a lotus flower
rises from a murky pond
opens clean and pure

144. Slaking the Thirst

Slaking the Thirst

145. Angles in Tangles

there are triangles
in the bare branches of trees
angles in tangles

sharpness smoothed by light
traces ghostly foliage
smoothing the edges

146. Master Fisher

147. Wheelbarrow of Dreams

in a spring garden
wheelbarrow fills with flowers
fragrant silver dreams

148. Praying for Rain

Praying for rain

149. Common Terns

Common Tern

150. Demise of Spring

petals once burnished
are now tattered and tarnished
wrinkled old ladies

151. Karumi


1532. Raking Spring Away

Raking Spring Away Haiga

153. The show is over

each cherry petal
enfolded in a raindrop
the show is over

154. Echoes of an Autumn Walk

walking in the woods,
nature always finds a way:
echoes of autumn

155. Lotus Petals

with each breath the soul
floats with the lotus flower
caressing petals

156. Spring Fades

hanging out towels
on the washing line -spring fades
with drifting blossom

157. Ghosts and Apple Blossom

ancient apple blooms
fleeting poems on the breeze
speak wisdom of trees

158. A Poet’s Hope

children of the stars
living on Earth, poets hope
for an astral muse

159. Preparation

left hand and right hand
touch fingertips in a kiss
for meditation

160. Tuscan Lights

Chiusdino’s lights:
a twinkling constellation
in the evening glow

161. King of the Norfolk Broads

kingfisher flickers
blue above wind-kissed water
wavelets in its wake

162. Cats and Willow

curly willow tree
shadow haunt of feline fun
tangles leaves and love

163. My Mother’s Hands

words limp on the page
twisted rheumatic letters
typed by mother’s hands

164.  Sunshine and Shadow

voluptuous heights
sweep down to gorge, lake and sea
sunshine and shadow

165. Sparking the Imagination

synapses are sparked
by colourful creation

166. Heaven Scent

spring honeysuckle
dots of colour in the green
seducing bees

bright summer blooms
cascading down the trellis
fragrant in late sun

167. Sweet Seclusion

nature enraptures
with pathless woods, lonely shores
and sweet seclusion

168. Rising with Bubbles

do not be afraid
to dive into the water:
rise with the bubbles

169. Birches by Moonlight

silvered by its glow
ghostly birches bare branches
and bark to the moon

170.  Mango

juicy and fleshy,
the colour of a sunset,
my mango romance

171. Summer Sorrow

magpie in the tree:
sorrow of the weeping willow
pours in summer rain

172.  From White to Red

pungent lacy blooms
thorn-pinned to springtime hedgerow
bleed haws in autumn

173. Mandarin Yin and Yang

faithful yin and yang –
below the peaceful surface
swift webbed feet paddle

174. Hazel Wand

 I sit by a stream
carve runes on a hazel wand
watch husks in water

175. A Quiet Moment

shallow stone birdbath –
a dusty robin splashes
in sun’s reflection

176. Apple

cascades of blossom:
promises of autumn fruit’s
cider-scented flesh

177. Bishy Barney Bee (Norfolk Dialect)

the first of the year
glinting ruby on the path
ladybird came home

178. Intertwined

curly willow weeps
in the stranglehold of ivy
relinquished to love

179. Reed Rhapsody

in windy marshes,
home to wildfowl and waders,
the reeds are singing

180. Two Haiku Inspired by Kerouac

my shoes leave imprints
on the kitchen floor, tracking
joy of summer rain

glow worms in the night,
minuscule constellations,
otherworldly light

181. Hai-Kerouac

density of city smog
night-time extravaganza

pink and yellow
summer honeysuckle – sweet
scented lollipops!

182. Butterfly Ascension

woken by the sun,
from the safety of cocoons
butterflies ascend

183. Blackthorn Duet

home to nesting birds
butterflies and bumblebees,
witchy blackthorn trees

after sweet spring lace
and summer’s leaves, a sloe gin
gives warmth to autumn

184. Asymmetry

the tallest willow
throws its wide shadow on one
side of the garden

185. Prism

in a glass prism
rainbow rays reflect, disperse
and bend to white light

186. Elder Magic

build fire with elder,
through its hollow stems breathe air
for the devil to appear

to keep him at bay,
live under the umbrella
of potent elderflower

187. Lotus Flames

seven rays converge
in the flames of the lotus –
spiritual growth

188. Evergreen Giants

evergreen giants
exude essence of forest –
distant shadows

189. Rose of the Heart

rose of the heart
unfurls sweet-scented petals –
divine love ascends

190. Gorse and Kisses

on a late spring walk
heathland is ablaze with gorse
and lovers’ kisses

191. Infinite Octave

white intensity
explodes into a rainbow
infinite octave

192. Rain Chimes

rain bounces off bells
of the silent church towers
ghosts chiming the hour

193. Arctic Escape

Sirius rising,
short of breath and perspiring:
Arctic summer calls

194. Avenue of Poplars

whispering poplars
flank the autumn avenue –
wayfarers listen

195. Golden Scarab

sacred sun scarab
secret of the golden flower
in hard carapace

196. Impression of the Sea

surf deposits crystals
glinting on brackish seaweed –
breath of the ocean

197. Ogham

sign language from trees
dark secrets and mysteries
carved on bones and stones

198. A Druid’s Path

mystical wisdom
flows in sap of branch and leaf
on the path of life

199. Fairy Paths

fairy enchantment
magic gossamer weaving
paths in the forest

200. Soul Music

life’s harmonic chords
bind happy thoughts, words and deeds:
music of the soul

201. Dandelion Sunshine

a dandelion
has freedom to take sunshine
wherever it grows

202. Of Slugs and Snails

slugs leave slimy clues,
silver trails and fennel breath,
to snail-studded stalks

203. Melodious Love Affair

bold fingers caress:
melodious love affair
of keyboard and strings

204. Reflections

nature’s reflections
in the stillness of water
free the peaceful soul

205. Inhaling Jane’s Wisdom

taking a deep breath
I read morsels of your life,
inhale your wisdom

206. Haiku Images

snapshot of a thought,
colours and shadows merging:
haiku images

207. White Lily

rippling river
punctuates a new haiku
with a white lily

208. Resonance

summer sunset fades
echoes of pink afterglow
resonating clouds

209. Morning Haiku

dawn’s grey penumbrae
shattered by luminous rays
lifted like a veil

210. Romance and Sea Mist

scent of earth and sea
mingled breath of you and me
mist clings to coastline

211. Summer Stars

sparkles of sunshine
caught in ripples of swan’s wake
lovers’ stars

212. River Life

anchored in river
lily pads float and flower
water keeps flowing

213. Single Cloud

single cloud
in sky above blue water
craves own reflection

214. Love the Moment

heart-shaped poplar leaves
shimmer in motionless air
hum in gentle breeze

215. Amor vincit omnia

spring conquers winter
banishing cold and darkness
a lover’s dream

216. Homesick Angel

homesick angel
arches her body homewards
single feather drops

217. Beauty in the Soul

beauty’s in the soul
written in poetic words
untouched by death

218. Purposeful

gossamer cobweb
glitters in tightly-drawn threads
purposeful spider

219. Mosaic of Beauty

tesserae of life combine
in unique beauty


220. My Mother’s Smile

lined and thinned with age
the ghost of her smile survives
a spark in blue eyes

221. Summer Kitten’s Dream

small grey face is pressed
against window chattering
summer kitten’s dream

222. Phototropism

wind stirs willow branch
sun breaks through cracks in shadows
growth encouragement

223. Weeping Willow

below the willow
can’t imagine tomorrow
drowning in sorrow

224. Heart Feelings

magnifying glass
of feelings and emotions
heart’s erratic dance

225. Between Moments

the moment between
the tick and tock of a clock
measurement of now

226. Drama in the Sky

drama in the sky
turbulent watercolours
condensed in cloudscapes

227. Heavenly Jigsaw

in the cool shadows
of the garden, a small piece
of heaven’s jigsaw

228. Smile

early morning walk
I smile at the scarecrow’s silk
pocket handkerchief

229. The Drought is Over

on my arid lips
drop silver liquid kisses
the drought is over

230. Heavenly Prism

through a drop of rain
nature vibrates with colour
heavenly prism

231. Mountainous Yearning

unbroken landscape
embracing the open sky
mountainous yearning

232. Reminders of Snow

chill of autumn air
silver rime and morning mist
reminders of snow

233. Waiting for Autumn

garden frondescence
anticipates season’s turn
spark of autumn’s flame

234. Calming Conifers

on a mountain top
crown of majestic cedars
sweet incense drifting

fragrance of needles
a soft cushion for my head
soothing me to sleep

235. Early Morning Peace

light announces day
nothing disturbs morning peace
darkness creeps away

236. Mystery of Sleep

a glimmer of dawn
seeps through a tissue of mist
the dream is over

237. Our First Glimpse of the Aurora Borealis

festooned with starlight
aurora bathes the North Sea
with ghostly shimmer

238. As spring fades

as spring fades
nature covers pastel shades
with summer brightness

239. Salute to the Sun

through morning windows
choral symphony of birds
salute to the sun

240. Through the eyes of a child

tossed by gusts of wind
harlequin leaves swirl and dance
a sky full of kites

241. Riddles and Puddles

rainbows in puddles:
mirror reflections of sky
or nature’s street art?

242. Beached

alone on a beach
wave-tumbled water-worn stone
enveloped in sand

243. Frog Chorus

encircle water lilies
frog chorus

244. Summer Calm

bird song
under a shady tree
summer calm

245. Happiness in the Quiet Garden

scent of trees
sanctity of leaf shadows
morning sounds

246. Folded Prayers

origami boat
setting sail from a temple
folded paper prayers

247. Departure in Pigeon Steps

her soul disappears
departing with pigeon steps
into dementia

248. Freewheeling Solstice

solstice cycle
freewheeling through summer days
then long nights draw in

249. Cool Autumn

the year has started
to draw to a close – autumn
cools remaining heat

250. Dew-silvered

an owl’s silent wings
gliding on morning shadows
dew-silvered garden

251. Anticipating Autumn

arid summer creek
anticipates a shower
tumbling autumn leaves

252. Wisdom and Wordsmithery

forged from experience
tempered with words

253. As the Seasons Change

as the seasons change
leaves, conkers and blackberries
fill up our table

254. Unfurling Fungi

as summer shades fade
autumn colours come to life
unfurling fungi

255. Amber Moon

in September sky
the man in the moon is trapped
a fly in amber

256. Revising Basho’s Flute

clusters of flowers
freed from the musician’s flute
floating melodies

257. Cascading Waterfall

meltwater trickles
patient droplets gathering
pregnant waterfall

thundering cascade
carving out rocks and boulders
waterfall sculpture

flash of silver scales
leaping up the waterfall
frenzy of salmon

eddies and whirlpools
wild dance of fall and river
passionate embrace

258. Leaf

chlorophyll uncurls
each glistening appendage
glossed by summer rain

259. Candlelight

new candle flickers
draughts entangle wisps of smoke
capturing shadows

old candle flares up
in a pool of molten wax
final performance

260. Ocean Sculpture

salt-soaked and sun-bleached
sculpted by the toss of waves
abandoned driftwood

261. Winter Stars

winter sky pulsates
silent dance of silver stars

262. Setting Poetry Free

page of poetry
words are pinned like butterflies
until they’re spoken

263. The Story of the Bench

comfy confidante
secrets in its knots and grain
a weatherworn bench

264. Lady of the Camellias

pink camellia
among muted  browns and greens
a flounce of petals

265. Leafless

bashful branches hide
bare behind a shroud of mist
cold comfort

266. Resting in Shadows

in the daytime heat
pigeons cool feathers in shade
weariness of wings

267. Grinding Words with Stone

inky black Incense
rises from the grinding stone
haiku embryos

268. October Farewells

migrating swallows
break in waves across the sun
sobbing their goodbyes

269. Ordinary Interrupted

alien crane fly
skates across the bathroom sink
long-legged haiku

270. The Art of Nothing

ink fluidity
brush strokes blackness of nothing
Zen calligraphy

271. Lap Cat

curled up in my lap
rumble of contented purr
touch of silky fur

272. Wings and Leaves

sunset silhouettes
of crow-black wings gathering
leaves on empty trees

273. Illustrating Haiku

watercolour words
seep out of light and shadow
animated scenes

274. Three Dimensional

three dimensional
words and imagery emerge
sculpture on a page

275. Haiku Round the Clock

a rusting rainbow
autumn’s bronze and copper hues
splashed by seagull grey

cranes fly overhead
feathers like cherry blossom
love glows in sunset

sunflower petals
radiant in a blue sky
helianthus clouds

autumn butterfly
in search of summer nectar
floats in a beer glass

276. The Magic of Knitting

nimble fingers knit
looping and slipping rainbows –
needlework haiku

277. Goodbye to Summer

autumn thunder growls
summer licks its wounds and turns
first leaves are falling

278. Hibernacula

under the willow
autumn piles up damp decay
toad hibernation

279. Beads and Wishes

drops from a rainbow
strung into stars and fishes
collage of wishes

280. Bible Stories

antiquated words
gilded rites and rituals
metaphor of life

281. Dragonfly Lands on a Lotus Bud

kissed by dragonfly
early morning lotus petals
unfolding sunlight

282. Late Night London

bright-eyed fox appears
under city-light sulphur
leaching rust from fur

283. Evolving Shapes of Clay

inhaling the earth
cool smoothness of clay shapes
senses overload

284. Chrysanthemum Dreams

bright chrysanthemums
exploding in weary eyes
let dreams begin

285. Turtle Dove Duet

heads together
cooing a gentle duet
love’s ancient symbol

286. Circle of Seasons

in bursts of spring rain
young leaves embrace liquid life
awakening buds

on a mountain peak
a cloud of silence settles
a monk deep in prayer

river symphony
rippling on the summer breeze
she dances alone

flakes of falling snow
cover the tracks of sparrows
whitewash a blue sky

287. Beating Metal

hammer and anvil
music in the glowing forge
metal comes to life

288. Grandmother’s Sampler

richness of colours
tracery of silken threads
grandmother’s sampler

289. Ocho Mecho

paper-folding hands
caress of nimble fingers
butterfly romance

290. Of Shells and Lovers

blushing pink seashell
glistening  with salty foam
in a lover’s hands

291. Lost in Middle-earth

bound together in fiction
lost in Middle-earth

292. Early Morning Street Cleaners

 gulls flock the town square
last night’s fast food vanishes
a round of applause

293. Demise of the Autumn Willow

weeping willow fades
golden to butter yellow
a smear in the mud

294. Spanning Centuries

spanning centuries
and a river of seasons
stone but not alone

295. Smoke and Breath

smoke curls from chimneys
mingling with smouldering leaves
and nebulous breath

296. Dancing in the Moonlight

dancing in the moonlight
silver turns to gold

297. Apples in Autumn

spring apple blossom
spread gentle scent; now fading
leaves hide russet fruit

298. Home Comforts

autumn winds and rains
blocking drains and stopping trains
with showers of leaves

299. 22nd November 1980

in the pregnant bloom
of a late autumn full moon
a new life was born

300. Inspired by Basho

solitary crow
conspicuous in bare limbs
of an autumn tree

the caw of a crow
echoes hollow loneliness
in leafless seasons

301. Yellow Silence

a dandelion’s
yellow silence radiates
in a field of green

302. Silent Windowbox

only naked soil
fills the winter windowbox
bulbs sleep silently

303. Breaking the Silence

in the stark silence
of winter mornings
a single crow calls

304. Silent Lights

in the busy square
the premature Christmas tree
lights remain silent

305. Bubbles of Silence

noisy waterfall
bounces down rocks creating
bubbles of silence

306. Silent Padlocks

on the lamp-lit bridge
metal locks symbols of love
in silent embrace

307. Wisteria Incense

warmth of summer breeze
stirs wisteria blossoms
sweet breath of incense

308. Out of Shadows

sizzle of white noise
slithers out of sleep shadows
silence is broken

309. Gardening in the Autumn Rain

soaked by constant rain
the gardener rakes autumn
in a gaudy pile

310. Solitude

in his solitude
only the poet speaks words
quiet and content

311. After the Storm

north wind has died down
rain no longer drums on roofs
just silent puddles

312. The Silence of Space

a dense fog of stars,
planets, gas and dust fizzes
silently in space

313. White Silence

bridging a lonely road
rainbow of water and fog
renders us speechless

314. Finding the Inner Silence

beyond the heart beat
surge of blood and air in lungs
body’s quietude

315. Silence of Dreams

in sleep’s dark cocoon
echo multitudes of sounds
no one else can hear

316. Leaves on the Pond

fading autumn light
drops leaves breezily – floats them
on the quiet pond

317. Descent to Wroclaw

trees flank the runway
bony charcoal cheerleaders
greeting arrivals

318. Silver Winter Morning

silent mist and frost
stealthy amongst leaves and grass
silvering morning

319. Another Silence

bees have stopped buzzing
glassy wings iridescent
in winter sunlight

320. Making Tracks

chill winds gust and blow
wrong types of leaves on the tracks –
autumn waves goodbye

321. Blank Silence

a blank page or screen
anticipates poetry
words break the silence

 322. Raindrops and Music

an open window
they drip from my umbrella
preludes and raindrops

323. Silence of the Light Bulb

electric light bulb
a halo of noisy light –
someone flicks the switch

324. An Air of Bach

chilly sky lightens
notes rise and fall, swell and fade
morning melody

325. Silent Years

an old photograph
passing seasons of silence
fading with your face

326. River Serenade

river serenades
overhanging summer trees
on strains of a breeze

327. A Stolen Kiss

secret stolen kiss
lasts as long as our held breaths
merging together

328. Silent Swimming

no echo, splash or
bubbles in a summer pool
dry swimming practice

329. Red Sky at Night

winter night descends
sky’s stained with a bloody streak
a shepherd’s delight

330. Waltz of the Flowers

a Christmas delight
memories of spring blossom
on a winter night

331. Silenced by Ivy

no flowers remain
on the boa of ivy
gagging the willow

332. Words are not Required

words are not required
music speaks its own language
golden tongues of sound

333. Frosty Silence

silence of fresh frost
glistening on the footpath
broken underfoot

334. Conquest of Paradise

choir of angels
raises heavenly voices
musical conquest

335. Tomorrow’s Snow

sunshine’s a memory
stuffed into feathery clouds
with tomorrow’s snow

336. Between Words

the length of a thought
in breathless space between words
resonates silence

337. (Echo) Chamber Music

the polite murmur
of woodwind and harpsichord
echoes across time

338. Silent Winter Sun

behind winter clouds
the sun is waiting to burst
into spring giggles

339. Heavenly Harpsichord

dulcet choir of strings
floating on a cloud of notes
moths drawn to a flame

340. The Silence of a Smile

a smile is silent
yet its message can be heard
in a thunderstorm

341. Allegro

frost in the garden
allegro con spirito
everything glitters

342. Musical Dreams

in musical dreams
fingers conjure golden notes
echo of cello




© Kim M. Russell, 2015-16



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