Mitcham May Queen

When I was young it was a treat

On the first Saturday

Of every May

To watch at Mitcham’s Cricket Green,

Where cricket’s been played

For more than three hundred years,

The crowning of the May Queen.

Children danced around a pole,

Criss-crossing lengths of coloured bands

That fluttered gently in their hands.

Some started at the age of five

Dressed as flower fairies,

Rosebud, Buttercup and Lily of the Valley,

In red, yellow, white and a sash of green,

Or Forget-Me-Nots, whose sashes were blue.

At twelve they could become

Prince Charming or Lady in Waiting,

With a bouquet and flowers in their hair,

Or, best of all, the May Queen

Who was crowned by the Lord Mayor.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

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