Orpheus on the Underground

Orpheus boarded a Circle Line train at Notting Hill Gate

Bag on his shoulder, notebook and pen in his hand

The carriage was crowded and he had to stand

But that didn’t stop him from singing a song

In a voice that charmed

Bankers in their pin-stripe suits

Secretaries, software developers

And labourers in steel toe-capped boots

Nobody noticed his black attire

The length of his hair or the golden lyre

That was strung across his chest

Until he started to play

Such a sad and mournful tune

That all the nymphs and gods

In the carriage wept

As one

At South Kensington

Eurydice got on

Made her way through the carriage

But Orpheus looked away

Until they alighted at Victoria

Where he was busking for the day

She pursued him through the busy crowd

Until they reached the upper world

The cacophony of rush hour traffic was too loud

He forgot the warning not to turn around

When he did

She was gone


Orpheus and Eurydice

Image found on Pinterest

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