Overshadowed by David

When Michelangelo

First touched his chisel to my skin

My invisible fingers gripped it from within,

In a struggle to be released

From this marble prison.

Sculpting myself through his hands,

I freed my legs until I could stand,

Muscles in thighs and calves tensed to run.

I raised my torso,

Then an arm,

Poised to punch away the stone…

And here I am,



By the one that got away.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Overshadowed by David

I took this photograph at the Accademia when we were in Florence, a few days before my daughter’s wedding. My husband’s family had never seen Michelangelo’s David and my brother-in-law was surprised to see the four prisoners in the hall that leads to David, so I explained to him why they are ‘incomplete’.

Hall of Prisoners

Image from www.accademia.org