Rhyming with Dr Seuss

Think left and right
And low and high,
Alice is making a lemon pie;
She’d better not make a mess,
She’s wearing her best frilly dress.

Think right and left
And high and low,
Follow the flight path of the crow
To the door of the pear-shaped house
For afternoon tea with a harvest mouse.

Think low and high
And left and right,
Turn the kaleidoscope of light,
Think carefully before making wishes
For Turkish Delight in pretty dishes.

Think high and low
And right and left,
A Sunday hat and a chair to rest,
Escape in a book on a sunny day
In a meadow full of flowers and hay.

But autumn’s here
And blooms are bleeding,
Leaves are fading,
Think left and low
And right and high,
Keep looking up into the sky,
And think things up
If only you try.

© Kim M. Russell, 2016