1. Tanka in the Autumn Rain

Diluted by rain

The colours of the garden


Blur and merge into one green

Waiting for the autumn hue

2. Refugee Tanka

Washed up on a beach

The heartbreaking human face

Of a tragedy

We can no longer ignore

Give them back their dignity

3. Early Rising

Tenebrous garden

Surrenders to pale faced sky

A bird’s silver song

Ripples the liquid silence

Sublimity of daybreak

4. Quince Tanka

Aphrodite’s quince

Nibbled to perfume her kiss

Sealed her married bliss

In Spring pink flowers unfold

Autumn’s perfumed orbs are gold

5. Honeysuckle Dew

Vermillion bines

Intertwine their tender limbs

Rigid ribbons climb

Spread innocent oval leaves

Adorned with diamonds of dew

6. Kafka on Books

Read books that wound you

Affect you like disaster

Grieve for characters

Banished to far-flung forests

A book must be the axe for

The frozen sea inside us

7. Little Terns on a Norfolk Beach

Chattering sea birds

Their black tipped bills of yellow

Black heads on grey cloud

Of skyward ascending wings

Ready for their yearly flight

Migration to Africa


8. Mountain Ash

Feathered canopy

Tones of October sunset

Intricate scarlet

Leaves against a cloudless sky

Alight with yellow berries

9. Broken  

Leaf flapping on twig,

Limp as from a broken wrist,

Waves a last goodbye

To the colours of autumn

Before winter’s chilly blast


10. Ghost Train

Ghostly whistle blows

Steam hisses from the funnel

Our excitement grows

As we enter a tunnel

Fellow travellers vanish

11. Tuscan Terracotta

Red brick in late sun

Signals approaching evening

A crumbling building

On the edge of a city

Observing the stream of time

12. Disappointment

Buoyancy of hope

Sinks like lead into a sea

Of disappointment

Wrestling with the undertow

Treading turbulent water

13. Klimt’s Jurisprudence

Eumenides watch

The condemned man’s punishment

Psycho sexual power

In a sea monster’s embrace

Fuelled by female furies

14. Sunset, 25th November 2015

Glowing orange coin

Slides into the slot of night

A fanfare of light

Draws drapes of purple and red

Sends majestic sun to bed

15. Turning of the Tide 

Turning of the tide

Shifts shape and mood of seascape

Small boats creak and groan

In watercolour rainbows

And a gush of salty foam

16. Pine Knot

Under fingertips

The rough planed woodiness dips

Into a smooth knot

A dark brown ring in blond pine

A perfect imperfection

17. Ormesby Broad at the End of November

Numb November sky

Anchored to the slate-grey broad

By tangles of trees

Shore-bound silent silhouettes

And an empty patch of grass

18. Writing Poetry in the Night Sky

An enormous sky

Perfect for writing poems

Haikus and tankas

Punctuated with bright stars

The moon a big fat full stop

`9. Christmas Candles

Christmas candles burn

Aroma of cinnamon

Orange and ginger

An album of memories

In citrus and spice

20. Disappearing Coast

Toppling to the beach

stroke of sandy crumbling dunes

ragged with marram

kisses the concrete sea wall

and slides into churning waves

21. Tree

Bare branches hold sky

At the end of a long day

Letting light refract

Allowing the tender touch

To penetrate its tree-ness

22. Light Filters

We say light filters

Through leaves and branches of trees.

But is it the trees

That filter light through their green

Canopies of foliage?

23. Pandora’s box

Once the box opens,

You discover the real world:

Guile and corruption.

Innocence and naive curiosity

Pale into nostalgic dreams.

24. Reflections

Liquid looking-glass

Still water framed by branches

Backscattering light

Absorbing shapes and colours

Drowning landscapes in the sky

25. Grandma’s Dulcimer

Grandma’s dulcimer

Once produced the sweetest sounds

From its wooden heart

Notes bounced from hammer on strings

Memories of long lost things

26. Cosy Christmas Cat

Underneath a tree

In comfy armchair’s embrace

Curled up and content

By a roaring fireplace

Is she dreaming of Christmas?

27. A Poem’s Escape


By Christmas lights in the city

A poem written

In ghostly condensation

On a jam-packed bus window

Lingers in trickles and drops

Escapes at the next bus stop

28. Filling the Norfolk Sky

Curlews call their name

Filling the vast Norfolk sky

Tearing asunder

With their bittersweet quaver

An unseen seasonal seam

29. Bullfinch


Sunset breast illuminates

Hedges of blackthorn

Mournful call tinges white noise

Of winter with music

30. Swansong in Winter

White swan’s black dipped beak

Trumpets a haunting lament

For a lost soulmate

Mysterious and ancient

Mythological swansong

31. Fingerprints

Ingrained in ridges

Poems are our fingerprints

Arches, loops and whorls

Ink and creativity


32. Close to the Edge

Water’s reflection

Mirroring mind’s deception

Light’s distortion

Alluring luminescence

Drawing us close to the edge

33. It’s a Cat’s Life

A cat’s life is hard

Lazing and playing all day

Having your fur stroked

Snoozing hours away

Until its meal time again

34. Poetry is Rocket Science

There’s comfort in words

Head full of lines and stanzas

Melting into shape

Wicked rhythm of poems

Escaping into space

35. Kissing Bough

Evergreen beauty

Innocent mistle berries

In a kissing bough

Feeding birds and spreading seeds

Of joy in Christmas kisses

36. Roots and Anchors

Trees anchored by roots

Bend against the winter storm

Boats held by anchors

Resisting the strength of ropes

One is made of the other

37. Toy Piano

evocative plink

innocence of toy piano

becomes sinister

black and white nostalgia

in fading photography

38. Skeletons in the Hard Disk

The naked white bones

of poems are locked away

I can hear them cry

longing for words and phrases

the flesh of their existence

39. Early Catkins

Nature could not wait

To meet the early catkins

To tear winter’s shroud

Cease its chill lamentations

Accept spring’s burst of blossom

40. Fireworks and Wishes

Meteor shower

Shooting stars light up the night

Blaze across the sky

A comet’s dusty debris

Of fireworks and wishes

41. Birth of a Galaxy

Force of gravity

draws galaxies together

a slow collision of flames

a chaotic space marriage

birth of a new galaxy

42. Norfolk Flatland

Flatland is broken

By churches, the odd windmill

And broken-backed trees

Horizon dipping away

Under an expansive sky

43. Memories of a Summer Garden

The summer garden

Was ablaze with shapes and hues,

Bursts, swirls and patches,

A feast of flaming colour

Fresh from an artist’s palette

44. Hair Ice

Frosty morning light

Fractures tiny stalagmites

Efflorescent white

Of decaying twinkling twigs

Scattered in the waking wood

45. Winter Has Arrived

Blessed by biting wind

The marriage of ice and rain

Bites down to the bone

Wintry weather has arrived

In chilly celebration

46. Broken Gate

Creak of broken gate

Buffeted by winter wind

Wood is grey and bare

Held up by long grass and weeds

Rusty latch bleeds on fingers

47. Songs Are Like Tattoos

Songs are like tattoos

Pricking at your tender skin

Begging to come in

And leave indelible stains:

Inky music on your soul

48. Before the Thaw

Rainbows hang in spray

Of liquescent waterfalls

Boulders gather moss

Patchwork of meadow snow stitched

With flowers – before the thaw

49. A Cup of Jasmine Tea

Fragrant steam rises

Hovers above the tea cup

Waiting for two lips

To press against porcelain

And taste sweet jasmine flowers

50. Plum Blossom

Scent of plum blossom

Wavering on a spring breeze

Whisper of petals

Washed away by gentle rain

Certain they will bloom again

51. Message of Spring

Winter’s tapestry

of branches, bark and damp earth

is torn asunder

by emerging shoots and buds

a silent message of spring

52. Securing Time

I sense the seasons

walking in a wild garden

alone among trees

changing outlines and colours

securing time with leaves

53. Storm Watching

The gale came howling

Battering the coast with waves

An untamed wildness

Erupting in salty foam

From the rumbling heaving sea

54. Catkins Dancing

Comely catkins dance

Swing from hazel and willow

Jiggling and jiving

Shaking out clouds of pollen

On gusts of a windswept day

55. Boats and Reeds

Through a screen of reeds

A glimpse of silver river

As it rounds the bend

Teasing at the bobbing boats

Tugging knots of sturdy rope

56. Foiled Hunter

Wolf’s intense hunger

From flawed wastes of spring tundra

Growl turns into howl

Hunter reaches for his gun

Shot is foiled by flash of sun

57. Desire

From dank undertones

Of forest floor detritus

Fresh needles of pine

Sharp scent like a ray of light

Through desire entangled limbs

58. Cloudbusting

Short-lived shape shifters

Airy giants and castles

Warnings in the sky

Dreaming of patches of blue

Always a promise of rain

59. Love Comes Alive

Once an innocent,

Delicate, blossoming bud,

Love suddenly comes alive,

Exploding like an atom

Expanding our universe.


You left me alone,

A stone washed up on the beach

But when you return,

I awaken in your hands,

Glistening with foam and sand.

60. Moody Banquet

Expanding greyness

Threatens to swallow me up

Spit out my sour soul

Scatter me on the wild wind

Moody banquet for the birds

61. Bridge of Life

bridge over water

draws boats into cool damp shade

punts them into light

to and fro of human craft

ebb and flow of river life

62. Silk Kimono

rich queen of fibres

cocoon of silent spinners

in vibrant colours

sumptuous seduction

as kimono falls to floor

63. Friendship

Essence of silver

Settles on lake’s reflection

Weaves weeds and water

In a spellbinding moment

Of innocent trust and friendship

64. The Art of Water

melting icicle

suspended from a pine branch

drips into puddles

ebbs and flows as a river

thunders as an ocean wave

65. Sea Sounds by Night

Wind roars in marram
Raising a tragic chorus

Whistling in the dunes

Waves explode on nearby sand

Familiar company

66. Abandoned Shed

garden sentinel

by the rickety gate

flakes of peeling paint

padlock key has disappeared

keeping its contents hidden

67. Violet Memories

dreams of grandmother

saturated with her scent

flirty violet

coming and going with time

inhaling fond memories

68. Sunday Shoes

Your voice is shining

Like your patent Sunday shoes

Velvet voice floating

As you dance and sing the blues

Tap and flash those Sunday shoes

69. Clouds and Smoke

clouds layered above

shallow billowing valleys

their motionless lines

broken only by wood smoke

kettle boils on open fire.

70. The Alchemist’s Quest

The alchemist’s sign

A salamander and fire

My magical muse

A test to own a potion

A quest I could not refuse

71. Against the Light

Chlorophyll pulse spreads

through pale veins of newborn buds

unfurled in the sun –

flimsy sprigs of spring blossom,

green shadows against the light.

A Mile of Daffs

Flanked by flamboyant

Fanfares of yellow flowers

Trumpeting in spring

Walking the daffodil mile

Greeting the day with a smile

73. Another Starry Night

Another Starry Night

74. Norfolk’s Treasure

Norfolks Treasure

75. Mist and Reflections

pagoda pokes holes

in ragged cloak of mist and fog

letting the sun through

illuminating the lake

releasing fresh reflections

76. Kaleidoscope of Kites

Kite Kaleidocope

Image found on www.telegraph.co.uk

77. Perfect Puddles

Perfect Puddles

Image found on Pinterest

78. Old Pond

Old Pond

old pond

frog jumps in

sound of water                                © Basho (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)

silvery bubbles surface

frog frolics in the slipstream         © Kim M. Russell

79. Flutes and Birds

shadows of leaves

cover the open holes

her flute forgotten                           © Jane Reichhold

listening to a bird croon

spilling its rich, liquid tune            © Kim M. Russell

80. Wisteria Infusion

in the moonlight

Wisteria flowers look fragile –

a gust of wind                                           © Chèvrefeuille

releases recent raindrops

infused with heady perfume                  © Kim M. Russell

81. Passing Seasons

Aki noyo ya inu kara morattari neko ni ataetari

Autumn night–

I received it from the dog

And gave it to the cat.                      © Santoka Taneda

The dog barked at the full moon,

The cat curled up in my lap.


Late winter night—

Owls screeched in snowy branches,

Woke me from my dream

Of moonlight in the garden

And fish swimming in a stream.


An evening in spring—

Birds built nests in the branches

Of the apple tree.

The garden full of blossom,

A silvery moonlit sea.


Late summer twilight—

Lazy dog lay at my feet,

The cat chasing leaves

That had already fallen.

They were bringing in the sheaves.

82. Tracks

kishadoo no ichidan takaki fuyuta kana

Winter rice fields–

railroad tracks running

a level above them                                   © Shiki

children play in fields below

leaving tracks across the snow              © Kim M. Russell

83. A Cup of Morning Dew

morning glory! 

the well bucket-entangled, 

I ask for water                                            © Chiyo-Ni (1703-1775)

sweet dew gathered in petals

fills my cup and slakes my thirst              © Kim M. Russell

84. Petal lanterns and chandeliers

petal lanterns —

a waterfall of flowers

her lips touch mine                            © Hamish Managua Gunn

the world’s illuminated

by a thousand chandeliers                     © Kim M. Russell

85. Dragonfly Dance

A dragonfly pair

fastened to one another

went flickering past                               © Tomas Tranströmer

romantic heart-shaped embrace

eternal tango of life                                  © Kim M. Russell

86. Tree of Life

a dream in a dream

sand slipping through old fingers

autumn leaves turn red                          © Georgia

naïve green garments of youth

become rich robes of wisdom                © Kim M. Russell

87. Unfurling Tendrils

the willow leaves fallen,

the spring gone dry,

rocks here and there                                  © Yosa Buson (1716-1784)

weeds emerge from shady cracks

unfurling tendrils of green                          © Kim M. Russell

 88. Marble and Stone


carved in cold marble and stone

awakens desire:

ideas communicated

in language and imagery

89. Praying Hands and Two Bubbles

praying hands

seeking the wisdom of the Lord

the cry of an eagle                                           © Chèvrefeuille

haunting the highest mountain

for that one glimpse of heaven                     © Kim M. Russell

the moment two bubbles

are united, they both vanish,

a lotus blooms                                                  © Murakami Kijo *

in coruscating rainbows

of delicate dancing domes                              © Kim M. Russell

90. Sweeping up Darkness

night rolled away

the street-sweeper’s broom

deepening dawn sounds                            © gillena cox

sweeping up darkness and dust

adding to the morning clouds                    © Kim M. Russell

91. Water Music

 listening with another

to the music of the mountain stream

here is no other                                                  © Hando

no birdsong or rustling leaves

just a water symphony                                        © Kim M. Russell

92. Natural Geometry

on a windless day

six circles take shape

a pebble skips                                            © Tournesol

making arcs across the lake

natural geometry                                        © Kim M. Russell

93. Love

Once an innocent,

delicate, blossoming bud,

love suddenly comes alive,

exploding like an atom

expanding our universe.

94. Tempting Tea

one step outside

the temple gate, it’s Japan —

a tea picker’s song                                              © Tagami Kikusha

filters through the busy crowd

tempting scent of the tea house                       © Kim M. Russell

95. Silent Grief


in the blind wind’s dance

blossoms                                                   © Jane Reichhold

no more knocking at the door

soft cat paws or breathy purr                © Kim M. Russell

96. Parallel Lines

We’re parallel lines,

tender tracks of a shared life,

keeping our hearts close

whether they beat fast or slow,

feeling proud to be your wife.

97. Landlocked Luxembourg

Set in hills and cliffs,

landlocked fairy-tale duchy,

medieval gem

rose from the ashes of war

fizzing with fresh Moselle wine

98. Neon Prey

dragonfly hovers

metallic blue wings whirring

flashing soundlessly

on the pond’s still surface

neon prey for frogs and birds

99. Friendly Landscape

canals and bridges

divide the friendly landscape

splashes of colour

tulip fields beyond the dyke

distant bell rings – tram or bike?

100. Cyclamen and Aphrodite

cyclamen covered

birthplace of Aphrodite

her beauty and love

could not heal the rift between

ancient civilisations

101. Copenhagen

bright houses and boats

against a water-washed sky

welcome seafarers

home again to the embrace

of Copenhagen city

102. Butterfly Ghost

Ghostly butterfly,

on fragile wings of tissue

hangs from a cobweb,

chalk dust smear in my window:

work of an eerie artist

tied up in gossamer thread.

103. Dream Fishing

inazuma ya yami no kata yuku goi no koe

a flash of lightning—

passing through the darkness

a night heron’s scream                     © Basho (1644-1694)

statue still it waits for prey

in the shallows of my dreams                 © Kim M. Russell

104. Mountain Sounds

by the mountain spring

we talk about the same things

just in other words                                 © Goda Virginija Bendoraitienė

accompanied by nature:

duet of water and birds                           © Kim M. Russell

105. The Sturdy Oak

child of autumn born

the oak starts as an acorn

grows sturdy and strong

shelters bluebell and primrose

crowned with leaves and mistletoe

106. Breeze Blessing

coming to sea cliffs

the off-shore breeze raises

a flower fragrance                                      © Jane Reichhold

blessing ancient crumbling rocks

with ocean’s salty essence                     © Kim M. Russell

107. Magical Rowan

resilient wood,

red berries and pentagrams:

protective rowan

rides shotgun in rocks and trees,

makes the witches lose their speed

108. Alder

Adorned with lucent

Lichen, its dark bark fissured,

Doom and bad luck bloom,

Effusive moths and catkins

Raining fairy camouflage

109. Stargazing with Bare Feet

with bare feet

I stand in the night garden

looking up at stars:

exploding supernovas,

galaxies and nebulas

110. Willow in the Rain (reprise)

a bothersome breeze

buffets the willow bending

with the weight of tears,

holding up anaemic clouds

above our soggy garden

111. Fraxinus Excelsior

Ash, tree of healing,

Spreads its leafy canopy,

heals the lonely soul

with bright berries and winged seeds,

helicopters in the breeze.

112. Moonlight, Ducks and Snow

snow melting–

where ducks are nesting

soft moonlight                                         © Issa

and feathers fall on water

to float on ice-capped ripples               © Kim M. Russell

113. A Thorny Crown

jagged crown of thorns

with a sheen of evergreen

pagan protection

burning with blood red passion

against the low winter sun

114. Wisteria

wisteria sways –

pendulous blossoms in breeze

unspoken promise                                                © Pat R (a.k.a. Jazzytower)

invasive heady perfume

envelops poisonous seeds                                  © Kim M. Russell

115. Grandmother’s Wisdom

in the yellow warmth

of a grandmother’s wisdom

children emanate

the rosy glowing aura

of unconditional love

116. Leaf Lightshows

the open window

screened with a web

leaf shadows                                         (Jane Reichhold)

choreograph golden rays

in early morning lightshows            (Kim M. Russell)

117. A Breath of Heather

 sweet smell of thistles,

bees hum and the wind whistles

in a sea of heather

permeating hill and heath

with its fragrant honeyed breath

118. Churchyard Yew

In shady churchyards,

lithe longbows of ancient dead

protect and redeem:

toxic branches ever green

drip sweet berries bloody red.

119. Star Poetry

A brilliant star,

poetry of decaying

universe, lingers,

a glass ghost melting

in a liquid marble sky.

120. Walking Barefoot on Grass

Scatter seeds today,

nurture them with love and care;

tomorrow, feel grass

between your toes and, while there,

weave some daisies in your hair.

121. When the Birds Stop Singing

 At dusk, clouds of birds

fill the sky, wings disturbing

leafy trees. Silence

penetrates inky darkness –

the birds have stopped singing.

122. Preamble to Dreams

Explore the nightscape

of beautiful moon shadows

shaping and dappling

uninterrupted darkness

in the preamble to dreams.

123. Night Comfort

higon-mae samusa mo hito-yo futa-yo kana

before the spring equinox

the cold will last

only a night or two more                              © Yasomura Rotsu

we continue to enjoy

comfort of a warm embrace                             © Kim M. Russell

124. A Spider’s Crystal

 hanging from a strand

at the heart of a cobweb

a drop of fresh dew

reflects the morning sunshine

in a rainbow of colour

125. Sublimity of Daybreak (reprise)

tenebrous garden

surrenders to dawn’s soft light

a bird’s silver song

ripples the liquid silence

sublimity of daybreak

126. At the end of a Rainbow

 a cloud holds only

so many tears – the colours

of a prism merge

and mingle into bright smiles

at the end of a rainbow

127. River of Birdsong

beautiful wren

in shadow of undergrowth

turns up her tail

bursts into powerful song

river of notes rich and strong

128. Sensual Tanka

Reworked tankas.

rising fragrant steam

hovers above the tea cup

waiting for two lips

to press against porcelain

and taste sweet jasmine flowers


Aphrodite’s quince

eaten to perfume a kiss

from seductive lips –

pink petals of spring unfold

autumn’s perfumed orbs are gold


rich queen of fabric

spun out of silken cocoon

dyed red and yellow –

sumptuous seduction

of fluttering kimono

129. Breathing in Forest

 breathing in forest,

wet fox in head-high nettles,

firm path underfoot,

I follow fallen pine cones,

exhale fragrance of freedom

130.  Closing Petals

day is at an end

scarlet poppies limp and spent

fold silken petals

blooming vivid in sunlight

closing against the cold night

131. Solitary Joy

in wide open fields

susurration of summer

clouds and wild flowers

are my only company

secret solitary joy

132. Angel Wings

in the dead of night

when everything is quiet

single feather falls

air is stirred by angel wings

soothing a soul back to sleep

133. Empty Echoes

in an empty house

the tock of a ticking clock


reminder of remaining

seconds, minutes, days and years

134. Autumn’s Artistry

late afternoon sun

tinges the sky apricot

gilding the garden

autumn flicks its loaded brush

in a flaming colourwash

135. Dance of Seasons

autumn’s earthy breath

holds promises of winter

and spring memories

spiralling leaves and petals

dance to a similar tune

136. Hopeful Snowdrops

bare trees and grey sky

long winter nights stretch ahead

stars and icicles

hopeful snowdrops awaken

early tender shoots of spring

137. Rare and Unexpected


a rare marsh fritillary

colours of autumn

flash in a butterfly’s wings

dancing in September sun

138. Changing Shifts at Twilight

diffusion of light
fleeting in-between moment
ambiguous time
when daytime birds stop singing
owls and nightingales begin

the moon is opaque
a soft veil – a thin thumbnail
a comma in a long day
a no time between sunset
and night-dark saturation

139. Autumn Butterfly

in September sun
a brown and gold butterfly
hanging from a stem
is caught in a swirl of leaves
confetti for autumn brides

140. Measuring Space

Orion’s belt
buffed and glistening with stars
a string of diamonds
measuring the giant’s waist
across the expanse of space

141. The Morning After

steam-rollered by waves
whipped up by wuthering wind
the beach is uncreased
sloping down to kiss the tide
in ebb-and-flow afterglow

141. Breathing Space – an expanded tanka

minds need oxygen
space in which to breathe circles
around a living
tree with green lungs for green minds
breathing space in which to grow

circulating, flowing and growing

inspiring spiral
steps from level to level
increase aspiration
to become trees with green minds
breathing space in which to grow

circulating and growing

breathing space

142. Airy Melody

harnessing the wind
in the hollow of bamboo
airy melody
coaxed by tips of fleet fingers
and kiss of flute player’s lips

143. Lavender Oxymoron

gentle spikiness
a perfumed oxymoron
of lavender clouds
bees buzzing in the garden
memories of happiness

144. Morning Cobwebs

dewdrops glitter
on tangled threads of cobweb
pale moon reflections
mere memories of midnight
in growing light of morning

145. Quilt

trees, moss and lichen

merge into a patchwork quilt

of brown and scarlet

keeping warm the young girl’s heart

until her lover returns

146. Camera Relics


147. Autumn River Song

wind blown from autumn trees
a stream of gold                                       

© Jane Reichhold

ripe notes of nuts and berries
eddy in a whirl of leaves

weeping skies
rain soaks fallen foliage
diluting colour

russet fading into grey
seasonal evanescence

bonfires burn
detritus and dank decay
curling on the air

musical sigh of the breeze
comforting denuded trees

148. A Kiss at the Gate

lips locked in a kiss
arms entwined in an embrace
lost in the moment
two hearts beating together
underneath the kissing gate

149. Holy Tea Cup

Krishna rests on leaves
in banyan’s mirror image
refreshed by cool rain
filling the holy tea cup
infused with perfumed jasmine

150. Words and Blots

heavy pen in hand
a fountain of spider words
squirming on the page
every sentence finishes
with an inky Rorschach blot

151. Single Black Feather

among high branches
at the end of the garden
silhouettes of crows
a single black feather falls
in kaleidoscope of leaves

152. Heron at Twilight

lens of fading light
freezes sky-borne silhouette
a pterodactyl
serrated shadowy wings
trailing heron’s gangly legs

153. Sea Roving Mist

rolling off shore
misty banks of white tendrils
soggy white fingers
lure with promise of treasure
disguised as an autumn day

154. Umbrella

in the suddenness
of a November downpour
he offers rainbows
kisses and sanctuary
dry under his umbrella

155. Bare Branches

silvered by moonlight
two willows bare their branches
leafless twigs and roots
delicately intertwined
beneath an awning of stars

156. Above and Below

world becomes bare
with the fall of autumn leaves
making space above
for spangles of low sunlight
and blanket of shadows below

157. Hot Chestnuts

in a chilly square
by a market brazier
frozen fingers meet
over steaming chestnuts’ heat
breath mingling in icy air

158. Stitching the Clouds

flying in a skein
wintering geese embroider
dense November skies
decorating angry clouds
with silken goose-foot stitches

159. The Flash of a Dragonfly’s Blush

watery mirror
surface shimmer of river
reflects metallic
flash of neon blue and green
awash with dragonfly’s blush

160. The Art of Frost

traces of first frost
icy glints on branch and leaf
still life on windows
poetry on the footpath
songless birds saying farewell

161. Pebble on a Lonely Beach

brine-tumbled pebble
abandoned by the ocean
on a lonely beach
I hear the wind’s threnody
floating on the next high tide

162. Late Night Fire

from dying embers
and spitting sparks of damp logs
two flames come alive
emitting an orange glow
entangled they start to blaze

163. Petals Perfume and Poems

unwritten poems
hide in delicate petals
of an unfurled rose
romance buds despite the thorns
spilling words with its perfume

164. Dance of Earth and Moon

in their tantric dance
the earth and moon trip the light
of a galaxy
cheek to cheek and face to face
inhaling each other’s breath

165. Breath of a Storm

brooding clouds gather
across the disc of the moon
dimming its silver
heated words in breath of storm
exhale a mellower glow

166. Snow on a Summer’s Day

furious kicking
keeps her afloat in the wake
of fast tourist boats
white swan – snowflake on water
a lost echo of winter

167. Bush Clover Surprise

against a backdrop
of heavy weeping rainclouds
sturdy bush clover
bursts through earthy autumn hues
early morning pink surprise

168. Open to Dawn

adorned with a star
hanging on broken hinges
paint flakes from the gate
open to a muddy field
and a sky full of dawn light

169. Lamplight

echo of footsteps
in lamplight’s lonely shadows
leads the foot-weary
through cold, late-night city streets
in the direction of home

170. Depression

concrete walls close in
full of faded grey despair
and daytime TV
colour peels with the paintwork
and withers with the flowers

171. Fragile Beauty

darkness is splintered
by coloured light through stained glass
echoes of rainbows
will the homeless find solace
in the warmth of the windows?

172. Guilty Chrysanthemum

imperial blooms
and golden globes of autumn
chrysanthemum sprays
in churches and hospitals
guilt at the petrol station

173. Gaudy Trap

threads of bright raindrops
hang in the frosty hedgerow
autumn necklaces
sparkling and captivating –
a hungry spider’s waiting

174. Przejście (Transition): the anonymous pedestrians of Wroclaw

the weight of bronze hearts
sinks in anonymity
below the junction
daily traffic flows, feet tread
and the disappeared return

175. A Strident Crow

a raggedy crow
gargoyle hunched on a bare branch
shreds clouds with its caw
watches with a shiny eye
threads tangle in autumn sky

176. Horse Whispering

dismissing a cloud
of urgent flies with tall flick
and a twitching ear
beating heart of rib-caged fear
is broken with a whisper

177. Black Earth

in the cold black earth
bones sleep for eternity
without blossoming
full to bursting with new life
bulbs await warm touch of spring

178. Drawing the Heat of Embers

a piece of charcoal
in the hand of an artist
can perform magic
sketches of a charcoal fire
thaw the cold heart of winter

179. To the Top of the Mountain

higher plain awaits
beyond the body’s boundaries
sweet meditation
with each breath another step
to the mountain’s snowy peak

180. Winter Hope

rotting leaves crumble
into Beelzebub blackness
of winter humus
lit up by waxy berries
milk-white hope of mistletoe

181. The Wreckage of Autumn

the tyrant autumn
hauls its ruinous wreckage
in a windy wake:
leaf skeletons, smears in mud,
final traces of colour

182. Autumn Symphony

not a whispering
or a rustling in the leaves
but a symphony
of senses: smells and colours
proclaim the end of the year

183. Not lost in the woods, just walking

how can you be lost
with light filtering through leaves
on a woodland walk?
with nature as companion
paths are never far away

184. Trapped in Silence

language is frozen
ice on a pond in winter
silent memories
are trapped in silver bubbles
and dementia’s undertow

185. Making Angels

in a waking dream
a whirl of wintry kisses
lands on lips and eyes
we’re two excited children
making angels in the snow




© Kim M. Russell, 2015 -2016

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