The Astronomical Clock in Prague

It’s a chilly morning on Charles Bridge;

Dodging phantom figures

Emerging from the mist,

Craving hot coffee

To warm our souls

And hands,

We stroll

Into the Old Square,

Already buzzing.

A crowd has gathered

At the southern wall

Of the Old Town Hall,

Faces upturned like sunflowers

Basking in the glow

Of the golden disc

As it ticks

Around the zodiac.

The medieval



A primitive planetarium

Composed of Sun

And Moon

In a blue sky;

A calendar

To remind us

Of the passing of seasons;

The hourly Walk

Of the Apostles;

And the haunting

Figure of Death,

A skeleton

That marks time

With a nod of its head.

Prage Astro ClockPrague Astro Clock Skeleton

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