Shaded dusty paths cut undergrowth tideway below tangles of branches and dapplings of leaves. Trees strike poses, dipping and sky-pointing like gigantic waterfowl in a wandering wind. Overhead sunlight bursts and splashes like whitecaps bubbling and cresting, majestically burning, caught in the teeming flood of forests’ chlorophyll blood. Kim M. Russell, 24th August 2018 My […]


The sky is blasted with dragonish clouds that blacken an ancient wind-blustered landscape long ago weathered into ridge and furrow, dissolving the veil between human and nature, between yesterday and tomorrow. Murmurations of thunderheads gather, unearthly shapes shifting across the gorge where the sun god tempers day in his fiery forge; an alchemist, he chants […]


An old track forges its way, draws seams through fields pierced and riddled with flint. Winding and following the contours of the valley, it hurdles the backbone of a hilly landscape, past a wind-carved rock of elephantine grey, a hollowed out echo of an ancient voice from long ago. Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response […]