Family Tombstone

adding father’s name to the family tombstone with room for my own                              Nicholas Virgilio a generation’s story inked green by moss and lichen           Kim M. Russell, 29th January 2020 My response to Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Wednesday #11: family tombstone It’s Tan Renga Wednesday, when our challenge is to add a two-line stanza (approx. 7-7 […]

This Dream

This dream is a moon-faced owl shining brightly in a silver tree, its amber orbs cups of honey that drip sweetly in a sleeper’s eye. This dream is a rasping call that echoes through windy branches, the spiky tip of a nightmare’s tail brushing against a windowpane illuminated with star-fall – before it flicks and […]

Wild Fruit

In the garden centre nursery, young raspberry plants long to break free from pots, and run wild in soil: sharpen up their thorns, let their pale green leaves unfurl and plump up ruby globes fit to burst sweetly on our tongues – to be sprung! Kim M. Russell, 27th January 2020 My poem for dVerse […]

At Dawn

yoake ni arau tsuyude watashino ashisaichoubi at dawn I wash my feet with dew the longest day                              Yozakura at dawn the first pink flush of morning still bleary with sleep I wash my feet with dew cold and refreshing the fragrance of grass the longest day stretching to the horizon suffused with promise at dawn […]