i am eaves- dropping on the rain dripping and the leaves whispering spiralling autumn secrets in a richly coloured helix hoarding them in gutters leaving them in piles to rust disintegrate into delicate skeletons cart- wheeling into winter colliding with snowflakes and falling stars Kim M. Russell, 7th September 2020 My quadrille for the dVerse […]

Roll Up

I haven’t smoked for years and sometimes miss sprinkling aromatic Drum tobacco on transparent paper, rolling them between my fingers, the lick, the kiss of flame, the inhalation as it ignites the tip – but not the frustration of peeling paper from my lip. Kim M. Russell, 15th June 2020 My response to dVerse Poets […]

On the Slipway

A breeze slipped in from the ocean, placed foreign kisses on the boat’s prow and on a young man’s brow, promising so much as it skipped from wave to wave. It offered the horizon from the safety of the slipway. A voyage for another day. Kim M. Russell, 1st June 2002 My response to dVerse […]

The Silliness of Cherry Blossom

Let’s take a moment to consider the seriousness of apple blossom, its fragrance and its durability. compared to ephemeral and silly blossoms of the flirty cherry, flashing her delicate pink frilly blooms and dropping them like spring wedding confetti from a fruitless ornamental tree. Kim M. Russell, 4th May 2020 My response to dVerse Poets […]