Ice Magic

Woken by a wintry dawningof not necessarily unthinkablecolours, the icicle sparkledand dripped from the awning,releasing its magical spell:it had captured the frosty lightfrom the clusters of stars in the nightand now it rang like a tinkling bell. Kim M. Russell, 23rd January 2023 Free image by Rico Van der Voorde on Unsplash Mish says it’s […]

Small Comforts

Leaden-grey winter days are brightened by hawthorn’s scarlet berries, a migrant firecrest and a robin’s breast as warming as a hot water bottle. They are talismans against the coming cold, summoning magical Yule, glowing reminders that the old year will soon become the new. Kim M. Russell, 28th November 2022 Image by Chris23 on Unsplash […]