A splash of bluebells floods the shadow tumbled woods, newly soaked with morning scented rain glittering in the early sunshine. Gun-metal sky and silver- bellied clouds have sunk in the bluebell river, granting a watery wish for crisp chromatic colours, fresh and spring clean. Kim M. Russell, 21st May 2018 My poem for dVerse Poets […]


the rainy season hissing on a goldsmith’s fire roar of jaguar Kim M. Russell, 14th May 2018 My response to Carpe Diem #1431 Chavin Culture On our journey into the high mountains of the Andes, we have passed Paron Lake, where we already found out a little bit about today’s theme: the prehistoric Chavin culture, […]

American Sentences in the Rain

My first time in New York, by the Hudson, under a black umbrella. So much rain, waterlogged shoes, and Miss Liberty draped in cloud and fog. Open umbrellas in an open-topped bus, watercolour city. Dodging puddles on Fifth Avenue, we found shelter under awnings. New York dripping in my ears, American sentences in the rain. […]