Echoes of Twilight

On the air, the taste of frost; breath of wood smoke and tang of leaves are suspended in twilight. A full moon reaches out to touch reflections splintering the white, tinged with bright lights of Christmas trees. Twinkling through the streetlight’s glow, intimate lamps of home remind us that its time to make our way. […]

The Meeting of the Ways

How many poets and songwriters Have written about the parting of the ways? What about the time when they first meet, When eyes lock, lips touch, fingers tangle As you wander together down the same street? The only signs you need are body language, Exploration of thought and tongue, Locked in a metaphysical conversation Where […]


Today it has rained rust From dawn until dusk, A steady trickle of oxidation, Scented with must of degeneration: A kaleidoscopic downpour Of fragments of copper In the odd trick of bright That sets leaves alight, That slips between raindrops And drips and plops.   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 My response to imaginary garden with […]