A Wing and a Prayer

The wings of my prayers are capricious, unlike my solid carapace, too delicate to reach the height of heaven, too flimsy to withstand the heat of hell. Tickled by the honeyed scent of spring, I open my elytra, ready to spread my alae, about to fly – when I’m thwarted by the shadow of a […]

Duck – a poem in Visual Verse

The image Visual Verse selected for the March 2020 issue, Vol. 7, Chapter 5, was an unusual one. At first I didn’t know what to make of the photograph by Ryan McGuire, but I managed to write something in the given hour and word limit before going off-line to visit my daughter and grandson. Once […]

Sea Howl

While walking with my dog along the beach, I found a seashell different from the rest, a torrent of waves filled with Neptune’s speech. Spellbound, I contemplated every word enunciated on the ocean’s breath – a poem or the cry of a seabird? Savouring it like salt upon my tongue, the foam like fishy kisses […]

In the Rusting Sky – a poem in Visual Verse

I’ve been submitting poems to the Visual Verse online anthology since  2016,  and am delighted to have another poem featured in the February 2020  issue, Vol. 7, Chapter 4.  The inspiration is an amazing image by Omid Armin. As you will see, I’m in great company, with Jane Dougherty featured on the previous page. You can […]

Preparatory Sketch – a poem in Visual Verse

I’m happy to have started the poetic year with a poem in the January 2020  issue, Vol. 7, Chapter 3 of the online Visual Verse anthology. You can find my poem on page 27 or you can link directly to the poem, entitled ‘Preparatory Sketch’. Also linked to Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry.

From Raindrop to River to Sea

It starts with a perfect drop of rain falling from a cloud – and the future arrives just as water, rippling the stillness of a pond, releasing mayflies, dragonflies, and herons that flap their wings like broken umbrellas against spring rain. The gorged river glints, powerful and steadfast on its intrepid journey to the coast, […]