Persistence of Vision (a cento)

The future was a beautiful place, once. I held you that June morning when you opened your eyes; we were seeing one another after seasons of darkness. Like some watcher of the skies. I consider how my light is spent, look into my glass and view my wasting skin; vision may be just a part […]

The Gorgon’s Wedding

A hiss of hair uncoils from its lavish cageof silk and lace. She guards her stare,lowers turquoise lids, coated lashes brushpale powered skin. Friends and familygather, and then he’s standing therewith his best man, in matching corsagesand the darkest sunglasses. He turns to herwith a smile and love lights up her eyes.The murmur in the […]

Sounding Out Spring

Vowels ploughed into other: opened ground.The mildest February for twenty yearsIs mist bands over furrows, a deep no soundVulnerable to distant gargling tractors. Seamus Heaney In the north, the Ploughis ridden by the moonand frost continuesto clench the earth.Early morning walkingwakens words,enlivens lines from puffsof frozen breath,vowels ploughed into other: opened ground. Punctuated by stoneand root, […]


muscle, artery and veina slice of knifespray of blood and painand fall of head in handsnot mine but mineis vengeanceswapping bloodfor turpentine and oilthumbscrew torture of a sybil for a quick deatha last breath Kim M. Russell For NaPoWriMo Day 1 A story about the body Artemisia Gentileschi – Self portrait as the Allegory of […]

I Have Never Seen

The image in the March issue of Visual Verse, Volume 9 Chapter 4, is a vintage water colour by Susan Fenimore Cooper, which has inspired amazing writing from contributors, who had an hour to write 50-500 ekphrastic words. As ever, I recommend reading them all. Mine is on page 40, or, if you want to read […]