Deirdre’s Accordian – a poem on Visual Verse

I am delighted that Visual Verse chose to include my poem on page 30 of the latest issue, Volume 10 Chapter 7. The image is not a modern or surreal one, as they often are, but a classical painting by John Everett Millais. It really caught my imagination and that of the other contributors. All the pieces, […]


The image for Visual Verse Volume 9 Chapter 10 was unusual and challenging, an image by John Crozier, which really appealed to me, as I’m originally from London. We are given only one hour to produce 50-500 ekphrastic words, so I am thrilled that my poem appears on page 7. If you want to read it first, […]

Red Ox Staring

I’m still wearing my husband’s reading glasses but will be collecting a new pair of varifocals on Friday. I’ll also be getting my hair cut for a bit of air on my very hot neck – the temperature is rising! In the meantime, the image for Visual Verse Volume 9 Chapter 9 is a collaboration […]

I Have Never Seen

The image in the March issue of Visual Verse, Volume 9 Chapter 4, is a vintage water colour by Susan Fenimore Cooper, which has inspired amazing writing from contributors, who had an hour to write 50-500 ekphrastic words. As ever, I recommend reading them all. Mine is on page 40, or, if you want to read […]