From the Young Poet to the Old

As my early summer sun sizzles into evening, on the other side of a mountain of poetry, winter chill has frozen your fingers to your pen or your keyboard, poems petrify in your head and there’s no escape. My season has begun to flow while yours has ebbed and, although the beach is empty of […]

On the Brink

In these final fading days, we are still entangled in the tattered threads of the old year, teetering on the brink while clinging to our hopes and fears. We take them with us as we lurch into the future, where we build our nests anew, weaving old threads with new, ready to sing our spring […]

New Day Dawning

Eerie moonlight lingers among broken trees and last night’s feathered singers’ dwindling melodies descend into kaleidoscopic dreams, leak into pointillistic skyscapes of fading stars, scattering promises of dew and dawn and the breath of a brand-new day. Kim M. Russell, 17th December 2019 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: New Year – New World […]

Winter Pink

At sunrise, the moon continues to glow, an orb suspended above bare branches, sparkling with frost and promising snow. Cracks in the grey let in the watery light of a new day, and soon enough the sky pinks and tourmalines reflect from frozen dew. Kim M. Russell, 16th December 2019 My response to dVerse Poets […]

From Raindrop to River to Sea

It starts with a perfect drop of rain falling from a cloud – and the future arrives just as water, rippling the stillness of a pond, releasing mayflies, dragonflies, and herons that flap their wings like broken umbrellas against spring rain. The gorged river glints, powerful and steadfast on its intrepid journey to the coast, […]