Copper acres turned to tinder below the cloudy bowl gorged with the soundless majesty of cumulonimbus and cumuli. Even the swifts had left the sky, and with them summer; no more shapes like black boomerangs on a breaking-wave horizon. It swelled gradually, a black migraine of a thunderstorm, a tight black bubble fit to burst […]


In the machinations of the cosmos, we’re on Earth below and high above us a silver lunar eye and swirling stars. We expect the unexpected, even when we know seasons must come around again in Nature’s karmic puppet show. Comedy or tragedy, she writes the rules in moon-silvered chalk; she sings the songs while we […]

A Salvaged Soul

She took a deep breath, reached beyond life and death, and exhaled her soul, spat it out with a spray of bitter bile. All the while, the devil waited patiently with a silver salver to collect it for eternity. Her empty carapace echoed with gratitude, free of the dead weight of responsibility. Kim M. Russell, […]

Rescued from Mist and Fog

Unearthly shapes drifted like ghosts, crawled from the sea along the coast, crept along ditches, streams and rivers, unravelling with damp clouds of shivers. They entwined their foggy limbs with mine, misting my sight and nibbling my skin, dissolving my bones as they made a start on feet and legs, then up to my heart. […]