Almost Harvest

no dawn chorus rising later every day sunflowers ripe wheat unmoving in the field a splash of poppies brittle with heat leaves already yellow awaiting release scarecrow silhouette leaning west towards the sun redundancy silent blackbirds in their annual moult counting feathers Kim M. Russell, 30th July 2020 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting […]


After so many days wrapped in an unmanageable weave of fear, huddled under the tenebrous umbrella of isolation, a small glint of cheer had broken through the mass of cloud, caused a blackbird to spill golden droplets of notes, buoyant poems of liberty. But once again, a new terror stamps and punches its way across […]

Early Rising

It’s four o’clock and it’s still dark outside, but blackbird chorus glimmers gently through the curtains gap. The window’s open wide and I can smell the chlorophyll, the dew, the dreamlike whiff of rain-soaked earth, and you asleep beside me, unaware of dawn: late risers hold morn’s moody light in scorn. Kim M. Russell, 9th […]