Last Glow of the Dying Season

solitary quinceamong semi-bare branchestoo few leaves to hidethe only source of sunshinefloodlights the dying season Kim M. Russell, 19th November 2020           My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: Jisei (Japanese Death Poems) Frank is our host today for Meeting the Bar, inviting us to revisit the Jisei (Japanese […]

November Monday

Monday is the colour of sky,the first day of the weekas fresh as washing on a line. This November Monday,there’s a musty yellow scent,an ochre aroma of decay, like a pumpkin or a melon,overripe and mushy mellow,not citrus-sharp like lemons. This Monday’s weatheris washed into a muddy green,sun and wind and rain together, mixed up […]

Grammar of Happiness

I remember you remember me remember when I lost my mind I remember it well making music making bread making money making my way downtown and then what and then the sun rave song and then we danced and then he kissed me poet for our times poet for hire poet for love poet wife […]

A Robin’s Protest

After lively protesting all summer long,at first ablaze and full of umbrage,morning is broken by a different song. The melody falls with the foliage,in falling becomes more sorrowfulto see Earth going into freefall: leaves, acorns, a robin’s canticle. Kim M. Russell, 24th September 2020 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the bar: Protest Poetry […]

Almost Harvest

no dawn chorus rising later every day sunflowers ripe wheat unmoving in the field a splash of poppies brittle with heat leaves already yellow awaiting release scarecrow silhouette leaning west towards the sun redundancy silent blackbirds in their annual moult counting feathers Kim M. Russell, 30th July 2020 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting […]