Old Year Lost, New Year Found

I’m ready for it, waiting, and the softness of the word reminds me that I have never seen a humming bird of muscle, artery and vein. Stippled glass refracts day, it stares at you face on. Waiting for the last tube, I felt the dusty wind. I am the buzz of a bee in quiet […]

Tasting Books

‘Alex- A few moments of reading pleasure in return for an evening of sensual delights. Denis October Bacchanalia 1994’ Found on the flyleaf of The Physiology of Taste – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Spidery writing offers pleasure on the pages of a mildewed book discovered in an antiquarian book stall by the Seine. Taste is something […]

A Deceit of Lapwings

Singing softly as they zig-zag simple songs to a two-note tune, silhouetted lapwing deceit syncopated in trickery. Peewits flash and turn, black and white, peeling from sky, they start to dive, peacocking with aerobatics, peaking with their springtime antics. Kim M. Russell, 6th October 2022 This Thursday, Grace is our host for the dVerse Poets […]

Elizabethan Kisses

Since summer’s wind has heated up our skin, there’s not a corner of our bed that’s cool, no furtive meeting of soft lips or limbs. Help me with caresses; play by the rules. Come winter, bring us closer with your touch, let russet leaves begin the year’s decline! Us mortals cannot stand the heat so […]