I followed Emily’s steps in Haworth

I didn’t realise we had so much in common: birth and baptism (of couse) attempts at gardening books and reading (of course) juvenile writing and poetry (naturally) novel writing and a diary (love of) art and music imaginary world and depression teaching contentment at home stay in Brussels I lived in Cologne and Ireland) return […]

Swimming Wild

The evening tide is syrupy, strange ripples shivering. It laps at banks and licks salty rocks, as if it’s haunted. We dive in the river. It ties us in intricate knots. Kim M. Russell, 20th April 2021 Image by Christoper Osten on Unsplash My response to NaPoWriMo Day Twenty We’re two-thirds of the way through […]


All the waves in the worldcrash on canopiesof trees,words lift from their leaves,the air a drenchof citrusand jasmineamid the tumult storm,a slow spring tideof rising seasin sacred landscapes,heard in songs of ghosts. Kim M. Russell (and Brendan) , 29th March 2021 My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Turning Points (Chthulucene Squiggles) Brendan has presented us […]

Grammar of Happiness

I remember you remember me remember when I lost my mind I remember it well making music making bread making money making my way downtown and then what and then the sun rave song and then we danced and then he kissed me poet for our times poet for hire poet for love poet wife […]

Storm Drain Rainbow

Pondering words, the storm drainof my mind, raw,breaks openan augury of rainbows,impossible to reach. Ghosts endure the interfaceof despair and hope, the turningpoint, where darknessis exhausted and lightbegins its return. All we need is a song. Kim M. Russell, 29th August 2020 A found poem for earthweal open link weekend I wanted to go back […]

An Ode to Heath Robinson

Steam-powered with boilers and kettles heated by spirit lamps and candles, with tangled pulleys of knotted string, they survive the incessant tinkering of overall-clad bespectacled men who hope their inventions will work now and then, refreshing stale scones and removing warts, throwing water over neighbourhood cats, complicating the simplest technique – a genius of the […]


(found in a scientific article) Trespassing algae slip inside, make no attempt to hide their intimate intentions. The salamander eggs are secure from the Ambystoma egg lovers – they only want a cuddle and some warmth. It’s a win-win situation: the algae feast on waste of nitrogen and carbon seeping from the eggs, photosynthesising oxygen, a […]