I wear a silver totem on a chain, another on an heirloom brooch; when I’m low and see a dragonfly hovering on the water’s edge among water lilies, reeds and sedge, I think of grandmother’s spirit and, shimmering with joy and light, my transformed soul takes flight and I become myself again. Kim M. Russell, […]

Two Summer Gogyohka

dusty flints crunch underfoot rusty orange butterflies dance down a stony lane long hot days deep blue skies still and windless following the sun until it goes down Kim M. Russell, 12th August 2018 My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #45 Gogyohka, a modern way of writing/creating tanka, also linked to Poets United Poetry […]

Punctuation of Life and Death

When you lose someone, the world warps: a comma butterfly (settling on a nettle) distorts – flicks open wings to burnish, only to crisp in the sun. When you lose someone, summer colours tarnish; tastes and smells curdle like mouldy blackberries on a parched tongue, and all the while you long to hear their voice, […]

Seaside Sonnet

The ice cream drip of summer days leaves sticky stains on memories steeped in salt and vinegar, candy floss, egg sandwiches and seaside rock. Faded black and white photos lack the sunny glare of beach towels, the welcome rainbow of parasols, barking dogs and beach balls bouncing in the sea and then the thrill of […]


Anguished cries of lapwings rise from deep in sedgy fields to sky; their tinny raspings bring to mind an anguish of a different kind: the mewling of a starving child; a young girl’s screams as she’s defiled; a mother’s keening of despair; a grandmother’s calm and care as she sings a soothing lullaby of winter […]


Light like fresh linen breezes into morning, pours its luminescence through lacy blinds and splashes sparkles on a sleep-creased face. It’s a dawn blessing, a tea and toast embrace, and a kiss goodbye to night. Kim M. Russell, 7th July 2018 My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Camera FLASH! also linked to Poets United […]

Flash Burn

After the bomb, when radiation wreaked its devastation and the world turned monochrome, life leached from crooked limbs of blackened trees and poisoned humans. In the midst of chaos and confusion, a mother’s love lit up the sky, just like the radiation before the mushroom imprinted shadows on our souls. Kim M. Russell, 1st July […]