October Sonnet

I look out on a bright October day, bewitched by wanton sun and shadow-play. The blush of autumn spreads its leafy hues and drips its blood in scarlet vesicles. Horse-chestnuts, heavy-laden, start to rust, their tumbled conkers lying in the dust; with spiny shells, some squashed and some half-split, they wink the brown eye of […]

Slow as an Autumn Morning

October ripens falling leaves and calling crows counted one by one Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to Carpe Diem #1272 October (Robert Frost) Today’s retro-feature is ‘CD-distillation’, in which we create haiku or tanka that captures the essence of a longer poem, the same poem Chèvrefeuille chose for CDHK’s first anniversary month in October […]

October Farewells

migrating swallows break in waves across the sun sobbing their goodbyes © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image found on www.express.co.uk My response to Carpe Diem Special (2nd guest) Kala Ramesh’s “sunbirds peck” Chèvrefeuille has brought us the first CD Special by our second guest Kala Ramesh, a haiku poet from India who was also featured last year. howling […]

Morning Sun in October

Overnight gusts of wind and rain have plucked leaves from the trees, waking early morning birds: October’s first words. Glints of sun on haws in hedgerows evaporate tear-shaped drops of rain on gleaming rosehips: a smile on your lips. Rowans droop under weight of fruit, scarlet beads radiate with promise of fair weather: a day […]