10 thoughts on “October Rust

    1. The hydrangeas in our neighbours’ garden are the most amazing dark rust – almost chocolate coloured. I think I’ll ask them for a cutting. 🙂
      I’m not usually one for historical fiction but The Last Hours is fabulous. I can’t wait until tomorrow! How are you enjoying it, Sarah?
      By the way, I went Waterstones in Norwich to see Laura Purcell, which was interesting, and I’m delighted that she is writing another Gothic novel. I loved The Silent Companions. The Pigeonhole has a great variety of fiction and so far I have only read one which I didn’t enjoy.


      1. I didn’t really get on with the Silent Companions. I’m not a massive fan of that kind of Gothic thing. I managed to get the Ken Follett, and I loved that, and I am really enjoying the Last Hours. I like a bit of historical fiction, but I’m rather fussy about how it sounds. If the writer misjudges the language, it ruins it for me.

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