Spanning Centuries

My name is Charles Bridge. I was conceived and born in 1357.  I have survived floods and seen many changes, wars and revolution. I live in the centre of Prague. During the day, I am entertained by the musicians and pedlars that attract tourists and citizens whose footsteps wear and smooth my stone on their […]

After the Clocks Go Back

Shadows spill into living rooms; at four o’clock, car headlights blaze, terrace windows glow and televisions flicker. The trees know: their sap retreats, they shed their leaves, drops of colour pooling where they stand, swirls of colour blowing in the wind. Every afternoon, well before three, I pull on hat, gloves and Wellington greens for […]

Demise of the Autumn Willow

weeping willow fades golden to butter yellow a smear in the mud © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Autumn Willow (photo © Paul Militaru, Photograph Portfolio) My response to Carpe Diem Imagination With Paul Militaru #5 autumn willow In the final ‘Imagination With Paul Militaru’ episode, Chèvrefeuille has found a wonderful photo in which autumn is beautifully […]

Winter Ghosts

Bereft of winter ghosts, I dreamed all spring and sleepwalked through the summer until I noticed leaves and colours turning and suddenly the world was burning. Now tendrils of smoke are curling, twisting into shapes of ghosts and ghouls; damp rises from the earth each morning, creeping misty wraiths and lonely souls. All Hallows Eve […]

Early Morning Street Cleaners

gulls flock the town square last night’s fast food vanishes a round of applause © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image found on My response to Carpe Diem Special (3rd guest) Herman van Rompuy’s 4th a clap of wings In the final CD Special of Herman van Rompuy, former president of Belgium and the first President of […]