Summer Shades

Sky of robin egg blue splits; zigzags crack across its shell, spill sun, a yellow yolk, a glue uniting buttercup and gorse. Midas rays riffle ponds and pools, spark mayfly nymphs that break the surface like gilded bubbles in their ghostly mating rituals. Sunlight joins the dance, dives into chickweed, surfaces to gleam on slippery […]

Sixties’ Summers

I have always associated summer months with my childhood in the sixties, with the holidays stretching out ahead of me. Mostly I was bored and missed the routine of school. But there were so many days spent with my grandfather in his garden, splashing under the hose when we should have been watering the roses. […]

Heavy Plant Crossing

The country road tilts and blends into a sudden blind bend, overhung with bush and tree, so dense that, at first, I do not see a red and white sign erupting from a pile of soil: heavy plant crossing. My imagination runs riot with giant hogweed and triffids evolved from seeds that drifted down from […]


She offers him ­           ­a bright red capsicum, a  lonely heart, filled with peppery seeds. She holds her breath, ­           bares delicate, perfumed skin, anticipates a sharp knife’s  sting: seeds are spilled, ­           her heart sliced and diced into a hot stew, a […]

Midsummer Verges

Content in our garden’s leafy shade, I think back to weedy margins on a distant council estate, full of dandelions and significance, between pan-hot pavement and simmering black tar, a strip of withered grass, litter-strewn and dotted with dog mess, where bike wheels used to spin, click, tick; children clutched coins in sweaty hands at […]

Yoga in Tibet

dizzy from deep breath of yoga pose and balance stillness of mountains Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest My response to Carpe Diem #1206 Yoga (especially Tibetan 5 rites Yoga) In a new episode of our virtual journey through Tibet, Chèvrefeuille has introduced us to Tibetan Yoga, the union of mind, body and […]