It started with a raindrop…

from a cloud landing in mud. Within hours, shallow streams meander and bubble between banks of flowers burning above the flourishing flood. It gushes on, a convulsive weir, a torrent of energy trying to get back to where it was. The heat of the sun draws it up to a cloud and it becomes once […]

Nature Never Lies

Violets, forget-me-nots and pear-drop pink honeysuckle burst at the first hint of heat, spattering garden and street with sunshine. Somewhere, a blackbird sings solo and pearl-edged butterflies weave in and out of flowers flouncing their colours, true to nature’s word. Kim M. Russell, 30th May 2018 My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Truth This […]


the end of the line Andean geometry sharp peaks and round domes Kim M. Russell, 30th May 2018 My response to Carpe Diem #1442 almost at the end of our journey In the penultimate episode of our journey into the high mountains of the Andes, we arrive at Huancayo, the capital of Junín Region, in […]

In Bleeding Heart Yard…

pulses quicken at fog-muffled footsteps on the cobbles. Along the soot-soaked lanes, pawn shops and tenements topple, and blackened windows weep tears of grime. They see it all: every good deed and every murderous crime, pickpockets, pimps and paupers, desperate drabs and abused daughters. The dross of life oozes, sobbing and mumbling from the murky […]

Dragonfly Wings and Sour Cherries

dragonfly wings red blur in the cherry tree sour fruit falls Kim M. Russell, 27th May 2018 My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #34 Revise That Haiku … Kikaku’s Dragonfly In the last weekend Meditation of May our challenge is to revise a haiku by a classical haiku poet, attempting to improve the haiku […]

Magnificent for a Moment

You spent years underground, a larva, your skin brittle and papery, vulnerable you built your cocoon in darkness as black as your carapace. I found you that day, a jet flash in the May sun basking in the heat of urban concrete. I admired your gloss and spectacular size, a stag among beetles ready to […]