Sunrise Whispers

Yesterday morning, I woke up really early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I’d left the blind up in my study the previous evening and, just before five, peeking through the branches, the sun was a red ball hovering over the river.

The house and garden were silent, not even a tweet of birdsong, but by twenty past, the sun had risen higher and was whispering to me with the cadence of waves, promising a day filled with honeysuckle scent, dragonflies glowing in the heat, and forget-me-nots covering the garden with an upside-down sky.

the hedgerow murmurs
swirling with creamy blossom
insects and birdsong

Kim M. Russell, 28th May 2018

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: Silent Sounds

Frank, our host this Monday, says that ‘silent sounds’ are all those thoughts that go through your mind which seem like sounds but don’t require ears to hear them. Sometimes they are prayers or mantras one recites often enough to not really be aware one is doing so. Sometimes they are concerns or things people have said that keep coming to mind.

He would like us to write haibun that have something to do with silent sounds going through our minds.

44 thoughts on “Sunrise Whispers

  1. A beautiful write and a gentle way to start the day Kim, I love ‘the cadence of waves’ and your murmuring hedgerow :o) xxx

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      1. 😁 I could kill my Kindle! The predictive text keeps changing words right when I press send! I’m trying to force it to save your name, Xenia, so it doesn’t call you Denis again! Sorry xxx (It did it again but I caught it red-handed!) 😨 😊 xxx

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  2. This is really lovely, Kim. I love early morning when the world is just waking up. (Birds here are now singing before 5.) So many beautiful phrases here, the cadence of waves and “forget-me-nots covering the garden with an upside-down sky.” And the scent of honeysuckle, too!

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  3. kaykuala

    the hedgerow murmurs
    swirling with creamy blossom

    The quiet rustling of rows of greens coupled with the occasional chirping make it heavenly to listen to nature having a conversation!


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