Nature’s Game

She lurks in the shadows, her grey-brown trunk short, furrowed and corky, long branches pointy winter wands, charming icicles, writing spells with frost and disappearing into mist. She has already drawn the path of winter’s exile in her elder scrolls, plotted the return of spring with a joyful blossom blast: choirs of birds and drone […]


Snowdrops bring (de) light to the darkest, coldest months of winter: one day, tentatively poking green heads through hard soil; the next, trickling into a snowdrift of white flowers, gentle harbingers of unfettered reproduction and the joyous riot of spring. Kim M. Russell, 29th January 2019 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Harbinger, also […]

A Need to Know Basis

You need to know, I have a fragile muse fashioned from Venetian glass, blown out and close to shattering. Despite that, we climb aboard a gondola and enter the shadow of the Bridge of Sighs, sighing and shivering from the sudden chill. But Venice has its own poetry. The city knows which form to use […]