Tuscan Sunset

Summer lingers: a few green leaves the colour of basil and fennel seed in thyme-scented September hedges; a flurry of saffron around the edges of a stilted, shrivelled sunflower; unharvested corn, a dirty ochre, and moon-yellow unmown grass gild autumn. A mural of flavour, a kaleidoscope of colour. Kim M. Russell, 20th September 2022 Tuesday […]

Tell Me True

My grandmother always peeled an apple with grandfather’s penknife, careful, keeping it all in one piece. I watched it twirl and curl, with a whiff of sweetness, pinched between her fingers. She taught me a rhyme, that we said every time: apple peel, apple peel, tell me true, who am I going to get married […]

Ode to Dylan Thomas

You did not go gentle through your life, knocked hard for flesh to let you enter, soul-shaken by your mother and your wife, thistledown-free and unafraid of winter. You, self-confessed gusty man and a half, languished in whisky and bitter-sweet ale, like the Dewi singing, ready with a laugh and a rhyme like a spouting […]