Our bodies unfurl and then curl into each other under night’s cover. We are waves in motion on an inky ocean or sand-blown stones hidden in a desert’s undertones. We are intertwined limbs, hearts, souls and minds, dancing in the dark until we spark – stars falling in the empty sky of morning. Kim M. […]

Meditation on a Leaf

My head fills with chlorophyll, green blood of a mesophyll, as I follow ants and flies on microscopic journeys. Rain-blessed and windblown, leaves leave my mind blown, ecstatic with a peaceful heart, each vein a karmic chart. Kim M. Russell, 6th August 2019 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Mindfulness, also linked to Imaginary […]

Woken by a Summer Night

White hot lightning flashes through the blinds, a celestial photographer illuminating crumpled sheets twisted with the lack of sleep. Fiddling with volume control, clouds amplify and dull thunder’s rock and roll, rattling roof tiles and wooden blinds like xylophones. Beside the bed, a glass of tepid water whirlpools with vibrations. Kim M. Russell, 30th July […]

Eggs and Other Things in Your Basket

From the steps at city hall, the market square resembles a tin of sweet wrappers, brightly striped in sunshine and glistening in rain. A walk between the stalls makes me sea-sick: I roll down the lurching incline, a sometime sailor, bantering with Norwich traders over fresh fruit, fish and flowers; exotic spices, eggs and cheese; […]