Winter Knitting

Mornings are for writing any time of year; early light and birdsong inspire images and words. But on winter evenings, when chilly draughts catch me unawares, knitting needles and a ball of brightly coloured yarn keep me cheered and warm. Their gentle click is comforting and I enjoy the counting of stitches and rows that […]

Woken by a Summer Night

White hot lightning flashes through the blinds, a celestial photographer illuminating crumpled sheets twisted with the lack of sleep. Fiddling with volume control, clouds amplify and dull thunder’s rock and roll, rattling roof tiles and wooden blinds like xylophones. Beside the bed, a glass of tepid water whirlpools with vibrations. Kim M. Russell, 30th July […]

The Spilling

Just when I’ve learnt to read the landscape carefully: the flight of birds and growth of plants, the arrangement of furrowed fields and coppiced hedges; now that I’ve mastered its punctuation with quiet glee: the question mark of church, comma of farmhouse, full stop of village and parentheses of trees; nature spills her evening ink […]

Jane’s Flowers

depth of a flower flying away with the bee some mystery                                  Jane Reichhold depth of a flower within protective petals pollen paradise flying away with the bee a honeyed secret stolen by a breeze some mystery stored within a honeycomb Nature’s musings Kim M. Russell, 26th July 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1711 flowers […]


as a cat watching a butterfly or a falling leaf after a restless night of heat twisted in the sweaty sheet until the sky cracked and light crept under my half- closed eyelids now I am still as the leaves and the grass held by morning coolness Kim M. Russell, 25th July 2019 My response […]