Sunflower Harvest

in a wind-swept field
sun-burnt faces disperse seeds
cloudburst of finches

Kim M. Russell, 28th July 2019

Image result for field of seeding sunflowers with cloud of starlings
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My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #95 Quest for a new masterpiece: sunflowers

It’s the weekend again and a new meditation at CDHK, where our challenge is to create a new masterpiece haiku or tanka on the theme of ‘sunflowers’, which was a theme back in February and has been a recurring theme over the years. I had to think hard for something new.

4 thoughts on “Sunflower Harvest

  1. oh – how apt! and a beautiful site to behold 🙂 (this almost has a slight touch of a painting, the words I mean, like “the sowers” by Millet …. very atmospheric …. I’m digging this Kim – gorgeous)

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    1. Thanks so much, Pat. I wanted to write something different, as we’ve had many prompts with sunflowers and I’ve written quite a few poems about them over the years. The one closest to my heart was about sunflowers my daughter grew when she as a young child; I entered it in a competition but it didn’t get anywhere.

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      1. well, sometimes the most wonderful of poems aren’t necessarily “right timed” (as in for the competition, but then, who knows what goes on in the minds of judging criteria) – but as long as it’s something you treasure, then ultimately, that’s all that really counts …. and clearly, this poem has withstood the test of time in your heart and mind … so it’s all right and good. (and now you have me curious about it — I’m sure it’s filled with sunshine and light, and the beauty as seen through a child’s eyes, heart and efforts) …

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