Day 28 Spring Haiku

spring cleaning broken cobwebs steeped in dust last year’s memories grey feathers scattered among spring daisies young swans gather April showers confetti blossoms puddle spring promises Kim M. Russell, 28th April 2017 Image found on Pinterest On Day 28 of The Poetry School’s NaPoWriMo prompts, we are writing haiku. Ali doesn’t want us to bother […]

Acrostic Art

Gun-metalled and straight-backed In shadow, looking Ahead at what’s Coming, reconciled with death: Open- mouthed, e- Maciated, E-tiolated To their bitter ends: Twisted Idols. Kim M. Russell, 26th April 2017 Alberto Giacometti at the 31° Venice Biennale in 1962, photographed by Paolo Monti (Fondo Paolo Monti, BEIC) – image found on Wikipedia On Day 26 […]