Dancing in the Centre of a Noun

(from Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Anne Hathaway’) Encircling all my words with his, he caressed them with a gentle touch, slipped them on as if they were a shoe, a glove, a familiar verb he desired for his own; dancing together to a melody in quadruple time, echoing the beat of hearts, we were the centre […]


Evening and wherryman rolls sails to the sound of dry reeds on the banks the constant rustling and whistling grey herons and avocets bobbing on the waves otters anoint their territory to the east of this shimmering Norfolk Broad the sun always sets                         […]

Friday Night at the Cardiff Novotel

(after Philip Larkin’s ‘Friday Night in the Royal Station Hotel) Light spreads brightly downwards from the wide- screen television between high windows that face the car park,  where taxi headlights flare. At the bar, men in short-sleeved t-shirts flash tattoos, down beery dregs and, glancing at the score, jostle in a noisy exit. Receptionists issue […]