Lingering day…

is painted in pointillist shadows, light fades with the last echoes of birdsong and clings to moon and stars. Lingering day, when owls skim, swoop, dodge in and out of branches not yet embellished with blossom or leaves but pregnant with promise. Kim M. Russell, 29th April 2018   My response to The Poetry School […]

Uncubing Tesseract

A triplet of notes, a single wavering flame echoed by another in a gust of melody. Hush of voice unweathered modulates light and promise tethered by emotional tourniquet until the song spreads wings and skips on time changes like glottal stops. The volume dies, almost to a whisper, and a syncopated drum contains the pressure […]

Medusa’s Wedding

A hiss of hair uncoils from its lavish cage of silk and lace, interwoven with gold and silver threads. She guards her stare, lowers turquoise lids, her coated lashes brush pale powered skin. Friends and family gather in the registry office hall and she has a sinking feeling, a foreshadow of tragedy. Then he’s standing […]

By the Clock of Tide and Stars

I smile at the clockwork birds ploughing sand, their black legs whirring, a splash of spangled sanderlings with a wintry breeze beneath their wings. Ploughing sand, their black legs whirring, they were steered here by a cosmic force with a wintry breeze beneath their wings, following ancient paths of stars. They were steered here by […]