Childhood Goblins

Towers, chimneys and rooftops disintegrate in a colourwash of sunset and night’s ink drops spill into puddles of dreams, when children hear the goblins cry: “Come buy our fruits, come buy, come buy!” Curious thoughts enter little heads that lie in comfort on soft pillows, invade the safety of their beds, pull at the quilts, remove the […]

A South London Heaven

Across the football pitch on this side of the rails is wild fennel and long grass: a jungle for snails. There’s a wild damson tree, hawthorn and crab apples, where we lie, you and me, below leafy dapples. In summer there’s sunshine, in winter there’s snow; I love spring and autumn, when trees bloom and […]


I am building a treehouse of words at the end of the garden where no one can find it up high among branches and birds, tethered by feathers and covered with foliage, plastered with poems and rendered with rhyme; as part of the tree it will grow over time. I am building a treehouse of words […]