A Day for Shade

Tucked into a shallow bowl of shady hills, a gun-metal grey saucer of a lake reflects the silhouette of a small bird of prey hunting on wings back-swept, shadowing skylarks and pipits, playing tag with cumuli scudding their own penumbrae. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on britainandbritishness.com My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics […]

Matisse and the Chair

The ancient instinct to collect becomes a working library. a laboratory of visual alchemy, an artist’s palette of reality, at its centre a Venetian baroque chair. Its silver gilt, green sea-monsters and curved seahorses become the source of coloured crayon outlines and details in layered oils: the portrait of a woman, curvaceous, adored, wooed with flowers […]

Echoes of an Earlier Landscape

Early light has been diffused to an apricot glow, dappled with fragments of cool, grey shadow, echoes of the wet earth of an earlier landscape. Soggy fields and marshes suffered centuries of drought; now precious juttings of sea-worn granite lure us out to where water once teemed with life. Now all that’s left are sweeping […]