Mother Holle

Loaves steam, apple scent curls and twists from the cauldron; hot breathy spells rise and pop with piquant punctuation in Mother Holle’s kitchen. Her sinister hand conjures incantations, her dexter spins and weaves them needle prick by needle prick into something lyrical and more poetic. She no longer has the youth and charms to lure […]

Seven Days

I live in dark corners, a scuttling spider drawing you to my web. Ding dong dell, Pussy’s in the well, drowning in despair and dripping hair. The jerky gait on the video tape is a symptom of my pain, reflected in the depths of eyes that kill or drive you insane Kim M. Russell, 2017 […]

Waxing Rhetorical

Have you ever said goodnight to a lopsided moon? Did you watch its waxing light illuminate the branches of a silver birch? Did you lower the blind on the mournful flute of a disembodied owl’s hoot? Or did you peer into darkness, hoping for a glimpse of its ghostly silhouette and to feel the soundless […]