Reflections on Rotten

Lemon brashness softens and blooms into the livid greens and blues of a mouldy citrus bruise. Once it was firm and glossy, oiled with fruity essence; it has become its own reflection, silently exhaling spores that dance a tango with a fading summer scent. Kim M. Russell, 16th October 2018 My response to dVerse Poets […]

Washing Day

I can still smell soap bubbles in the scullery, steamy clean and floating through my early years; my grandmother’s hands red and hot, tea-towels boiling in the biggest pot as I turned the handle of the wringer, reminded always to ‘Mind your finger!’ I remember sitting on the back step while she raised the line […]


Snug in the palm of my hand, fingers curled and caressing its smoothness, exploring miniature scales on back and fanned tail, tiny teeth in roar of mouth, the dust-filled creases of its head, flaming copper burnished with the faint scent of boxwood, my little finger fits the curve of its body, feels the kanji carved […]

You can keep your clowns…

those unfunny comics with their distorted faces and noisy antics, brightly-coloured anarchists. No more animals in the ring! Uncage the wild and suffering bears and lions, the chimpanzees at infinite human tea parties. Give me the sparkles of lights in the darkness, knife-throw and fire-eatery, magic and mystery, sequins and grace, balance and flight of […]

Everything Stopped

The room was silent. In one fell swoop of those planes the buzz just stopped – everything stopped, everyone stared at computer or TV screens, in disbelief at what they’d seen. Everything stopped, the world stopped spinning for a moment. So far from this tragedy and yet so close to anguished faces, desperate faces, faces […]