Morning Shift

Together we rise,
the bees and I;
they fill
the drowsy garden
with their resonance.

A patchwork of shadow
among green lungs transforms
into a smoky meadow
of seeding grass and flowers,
patches of shifting light bound together
by cobwebs and the hum of bees.

Kim M. Russell, 23rd July 2019

Image result for morning meadow with bees and cobwebs
Image found on 123RF

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Movement, also linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform

This Tuesday, Amaya is our host for Poetics. She tells us that, in the past month, she and her family moved for the fifth time in less than five years – and my husband and I are considering one more move after living in our current home for nineteen years!

She has shared amazing poems by Ruth Padel and Richard Wilbur as inspiration to consider movement among the population as a whole, or even just among ourselves and ask where are we going and where have we been, and what is the trajectory of our lives? We can also explore motion in an abstract way by using changing tempo in our poetry.

48 thoughts on “Morning Shift

  1. What a perfect picture of a mid-summer field Kim. I have been in thst field many times — great write. My wife and I moved 4 years ago to be with our grandson. So glad we did – but at 72, may I NEVER move again. Good luck whatever your decision. 🙂

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  2. This is utterly gorgeous, Kim! ❤️ I love the image; “A patchwork of shadow among green lungs transforms,” it describes perfectly the shift between past and present events in a person’s life .. sort of like a flashback when we go down memory lane 🙂

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  3. I love the double entendre of the title and how you made this space of nature come resurrect by focusing on the interdependence of all comprising the habitat. How beautiful to see progress as what happens when not one, not some, not most, but all are participating and thriving together.

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      1. LOL. All the hive and bee keepers I have known in my life were men. My uncle inspired me to start keeping bees. When he died, a man bought them and transported them to a few miles from here. I like the thoughts that they are all of them sipping from the same flowers.

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    1. But you should see the details for the place I’ve found, Sarah! On the way back from their new house, Ellen and Steve drove me through the most quintessential village, where there is a two bedroom cottage for sale, just within our price range. Back down south is the plan!.


  4. I love the gentleness of the movement through this Kim, especially how the bees ‘fill the drowsy garden
    with their resonance’ xxx

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  5. How mesmerizing! In awe of this bit: “A patchwork of shadow/among green lungs transforms/into a smoky meadow”. This is such a magical space and it makes me want to keep on looking at it till I remember the image.

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