November Dawn

Morning creeps on feline feet gentle and velvety dark, clambers over the garden gate and lands in dewy grass. She dances in between the trees, her light translucent glass, leaving dewy diamonds wherever her feet pass. Kim M. Russell, 29th November 2018 My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Morning Poem Sumana asks us to […]


in the hollow of a halo of fresh snow on the willow a lone crow echoes oh how cold this frost-bound sound Kim M. Russell, 25th October 2018   My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Winter Sumana says that, in the place where she lives, winter’s brief entry is most welcome: the nip in […]


Trees change the hues of their dresses ready for the seasonal striptease, while evergreen holly bushes drip with blood-red berries in hedgerows strung with witches’ necklaces and dotted with tufts of old man’s beard. Birds and other wild creatures rejoice at such abundance of food and colour, the quintessence of harvest cornucopia. Kim M. Russell, […]

Owl Talk

By the light of a quince-bright moon a pair of snowy owls flew low and silent, newly arrived from frost-bound wastes, feathers invisible against a silver birch, hungry for a taste of fresh mice and voles. In an ancient ash, a tawny owl, swivelled its head, blinked its eyes and hooted long and low, a […]