Sea Threat

Miles from the shore, we sleep secure, drifting on dreams like boats or moonbeams, undisturbed by the sound of waves or shifting ground. On the coast, rocky reefs, laced with cuffs of sand and foam, protect the land, waver with the ebb and flow, the pull of undertow, resist the locomotion of the powerful ocean. […]

Memory of Scent

It comes to me through autumn smoke, the burning of damp leaves, that pricks the eyes and chokes the breath, the funeral pall of summer’s death: a hint of you drifts through the trees, teasing on the goose-bump breeze, the scent of Coty powder on your face, always just a trace of you in me. […]

North Wind

The North Wind teases moored-up boats, ties knots in grass along the coast, leaves on our lips a salty taste, and chases inland ocean ghosts. It plays hide and seek with housewives’ washing, steals old folks’ breath and sets them coughing, plucks at branches, sends them crashing, and cheers the rain’s pouring and splashing. The […]