Nine Secrets to Successfully Completing That Elusive First Draft

Originally posted on Sacha Black:
At 1:04am, on the 20th of August, after exactly 292 days or 41 weeks and 5 days of writing my first draft of my novel, I wrote those two long awaited words… ‘The End’. I was in bed, in the dark, laptop on my knees, with my sleeping beauty of…

Infinity Dreams Award

  I have seen awards mentioned on WordPress several times, but was not aware that I could be nominated for one so soon after starting my blog. I was more than surprised when I saw the nomination by A’Shadieeyah Amana, also known as RoyalBluue, who made very kind comments about my writing. It was even more […]

A bit of a break

I’m having a little break from the computer this weekend as I will be spending time with my lovely daughter and attending the launch of a new shop she is managing. So no posts from me until Monday, which is a bank holiday in the UK. Next week I will continue with my novel, The […]

Tosca being so cat (anagram!)

I videoed Tosca sitting on a present from my daughter, an elephant made of material, which brought together two animals I love. However, the file type cannot be uploaded to my media. Instead, here is a photograph from yesterday of Tosca being a typical cat, demanding to be let in out of the rain.