Boar and Bluebell

This is a green and pleasant place,ancient footprints cover its face,traces of post-glacial diversity,where wild boar, roaming free,broke bracken, churned woodlandsoil to muddy swamp, rooted aroundin compost black and brown,left wetland wallows overgrownwith hosts of rich and varied fauna,and colourful explosions of flora.Now, spring woods flood with bluebells,diluting diversity of sight and smell,their heady sweetness […]

What happened to the freedom of the sky?

I’m happy to have another poem in this month’s Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words, Volume 8, Chapter 1, for which the image is an unusual one, a cartoon by John Samuel Pughe/Library of Congress. As ever, I’m in good company with Misky, Anmol and Kerfe, to name a few. Why not read […]


I am thankful for the small thingsthe early morning cup of teaheat blowing under my kneesin the relentless chill of the studythe blanket wrapped around mesunset orange, soft and comfya view of the garden and all I can seedried honeysuckle vines on a breezea cheeky pheasant pecking berriesa squirrel scurrying up the apple treedeer eating […]

Honest Rot Rondel

After autumn has burnishedfallen leaves and bracken,tufts of fern and verdigristransform the palette. Along mudbanks coatedwith emerald algae,mare’s tails’ spiky greentips release glowing nebulae in stagnant ponds,and licheny flora clingto earth, tree, wall and rock,tiny forests of green lungsall exhaling honest rot. Kim M. Russell, 16th November 2020 My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Keep […]

Greening the Mind

Word-bound, I watch the coming winterhaunt the garden, eager to paint it silver. I count the rags of blue sky overhead,topped with grumbling thunderheads, savour the smell of rich black earth, the gleamof gold and lemon, not quite drowning out the green. Trees drip with limpid air this green-gold morninglike words from my poetic pen, […]

A Walk in the Cemetery by Moonlight

A celebration before winter darkness,fingering crumbled earth with brightness, moonlight creeps through autumn turbulenceto gild gravestones hunkered in silence. Pale breath of lunar light tongues dustamong tattered leaves now turned to rust and scattered on well-trodden stones,traces epitaphs and seeks out bones, meagre offerings for a midnight repastbefore the cold season’s hollow fast.    Something […]

Mouth Agape

Never worn, just hangingthere,eyeless and mouthagape,an emptiness thatspeaksvolumes of historical festivityand plague,the drunken pox, depravity,appetites and follyof the age. Kim M. Russell, 12th October 2020             My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Earth-Masks Brendan has given us a detailed background to this week’s theme: masks, something we wear now as […]


In a world of watery hues,greens and blues,her vision is binocular,staring at the moon, oblivious to stars. Her worn ears, torn ears, flare,moth-eaten flags as she swaysthrough overhanging leaves,trunk reaching. She grieves. Vibrations of heart and lungsripple wavelike across skin,map of life ingrainedwith wrinkles, rubs and stains. Floundering feet, ancient prints in the dust,track memories […]