Our garden makes me smile

Every tree is a miracle: the ancient birch with vector branches, silver bark and overgrown elephantine trunk; the curly willow, recently pollarded, younger and more strident; the quince, plum, apple and cherry; the prickly holly, the tree that heralds thunderstorms. In an arrangement of fairy stairwells, sulphur mushrooms rise from networks below the soil, blending […]

My first Cherita

winter sun has woken sombre sharp-suited magpies clatter in the trees the garden is elemental a gathering of gnarled and feathered sentinels Kim M. Russell, 2018   My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #17 Out of The Carpe Diem Box Chèvrefeuille has surprised us with a new Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation feature, called ‘Out […]