Prayers of Bone

Beware this Halloweenand the days in between, when knuckles crackbehind the back, of the flesh-eating ghoulthat sips your soul, carves telling stonesfrom finger bones, Our Fathers and Hail Marysstrung on calcified rosaries. Fingers that once folded in prayer,this Halloween beware! Kim M. Russell, 21st October 2020 My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings […]


Earth has birthed an abundance of fruit:tawny acorn knots rain hard from oak trees;hollies burn brightly with a blood-red flame;magenta spindles split open orange hearts.A young boy kicks spiky shells with his boot,searching for chestnuts in a sea of sunset leaves –it’s conker time, and children play the game,knocking hardened seeds until they burst apart. […]

Grammar of Happiness

I remember you remember me remember when I lost my mind I remember it well making music making bread making money making my way downtown and then what and then the sun rave song and then we danced and then he kissed me poet for our times poet for hire poet for love poet wife […]

Sensing October

I pull October from the mist,gather up the weavesafter the storm has tried to stripthe trees of blushing leaves. I wind them round my finger,the delicate wisps that lingerin fallen apples rottinginto cider scent, in dangling corpses of daddy-longlegsand dew-encrusted spider-webswoven in between red sunsetsand orange mornings. I untangle gossamer spanning timeand space to make […]

A String of Pigeons

I count them on the power line:one, two, three, four, five pigeons,plump, grey, grumbling curmudgeons,with the occasional coyish coothat helped me througha pandemic void of company,a string of them, comical and pearly.Just before sunset,a window in the tumbling cloud,accompanied by a loudclap of wings, they explodelike fireworks that have lost their sparksinto the fading light,their […]

Insects and Stars in Jars

I have a poem in this month’s issue of Visual Verse, in which writers have been inspired by an image by Helen Marten.  Once again, I’m in excellent company.  You can find my poem on page 45 of Visual Verse Volume 7 Chapter 11 or you can go directly to the poem, entitled ‘Insects and […]