A Blackened Sky

Clouds billowed thunderous greyabove charcoal stalks of heather. Trees held their breath all wind-filled day,browbeaten by the bullying weather. As if by lightning strike, a leafless oakexploded into jet-black blossoming: a magnanimous murder of crowsbroke from the darkness cawing, burst into the blackened sky,their sooty feathers spread and soaring. Kim M. Russell, 13th January 2021 […]

On the Fourth Anniversary of Your Death

Like the sky maps sketchedin the bird brains of the geeseflying overhead this morningin their flocks and vees,your gentle face is etchedinto my genealogy.I hear their honk and chatterloud and clear; they fly byas if it doesn’t matterthat a day cannot be erasedby hoar frost. Yes, it’s here again,sparkling like it did four years ago,stiffening […]

Dance of Joy

Beethoven shoutedhis incomprehensible joy,a wind that daredthe whole worldto dance helter-skelter,glitter on the river,to dance as melody,irresistible harmony,a symphonyto nature’s inhuman splendour:the gust,the tide,the breaking vinein the figure of a dance. Kim M. Russell. 7th January 2021 My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #51: Looking Back and Writing Forward, also linked to […]

Mother’s Milk

A staid image of a placidwoman dressed in blue,only hands and face exposed,no crown bejewelled,your child swaddled:this was how I thought of you. I didn’t know the churchimagined you as tripartite too:royally dressed in ermine and silk,breast exposed, a womanof human flesh, blood and milk,miraculously still a virgin. It wasn’t you the angels preserved,but the […]

This Is No Swan Song

Down in my bones, I feel that this yearhas not been our swan song.Though the waves came higher,and broken reeds were flungacross an uneven path,we were dazzled by sun-flecked tides.With the coming of winter,something else haunts the landscape:a swan drenched in mud-scent,alive with the tang of the river. Kim M. Russell, 16th December 2020 My […]

Mysterious Landscapes Troiku

mysterious landscapes rise and unfold before my eyes worlds of clouds Chèvrefeuille mysterious landscapes windless rain among the trees misting my glasses rise and unfold before my eyes hills grey and invisible a foggy haunting worlds of clouds dark shadows until a break reveals honey light mysterious landscapes everything brown and silver flickered with leaf […]

From Air to Earth (and different kinds of black)

Tongues of white misttangle with trees and bitter-sweet scent of leaf-rust tumbling into the obscurityof tantalising humus,from Titian hues to Vantablack, to outer space and back. Kim M. Russell, 9th December 2020 My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #49: A B C D E F G … After focusing on words recently, […]

Nude Study in Yellow

Her outstretched arms are fluid,drenched in golden liquid,legs immersed in shadowedmovement, feet flexed,ready to run. He wipes the brush,dips it into cadmium.  Are these broken linesin shades of bananaa sun-filled visual love poemor a jaundiced portrayalof love gone lemon-sour? Kim M. Russell, 6th December 2020 A failed submission shared with Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ […]