I am waiting

for the silvery shudder of sunshine
to chime in a new day like church bells,

to tempt me with glittering streams
and creeks threading seaward, to swells

of waves like the ones in my dreams.
Following this confusing map of the sea,

I strain to hear dark-bellied geese creak
and grumble along the sparkling tide-line,

and long to paddle in shallows with sandpipers
and turnstones, light-footed scamperers,

before they take off into the autumn sky.
Now, still waiting for the sun to shine,

hungry harpy gulls are screeching
and I’m tempted to join in their beseeching.

Kim M. Russell, 26th May 2021

white and black bird on seashore during daytime

Image by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #71: Waiting

This week Rosemary asks us what we’re waiting for.

34 thoughts on “I am waiting

  1. This has the feel of Mary Oliver to me – the unabashed delight in the natural world and the longing to weave one’s life in its song.

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  2. I know what the gulls are like but I wouldn’t recognize the dark-bellied goose or the sandpiper. I’m not sure they were invented then, at least I don’t think they were in my childhood Audubon set of bird cards.

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  3. What a wonderful way of describing gulls, as harpies! So true, obvious, yet I’d never done it before. I love to hear them, and smell the sea. I’m long overdue to do so.

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