The Story of the Bench

Many of the people who have sat on the bench and worn smooth its hand-crafted surface have been bone-weary and hungry. How often have  walkers lifted their heads from loosening the laces in their boots or removing their shoes to inhale salt on the breeze and drink in the many shades of sky and sea […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

After the claustrophobia of curtains closed Before dusk, she feels like a smudged shadow Tucked in her bowl of cardboard cornflakes. Stepping into the smoky light Of a milky autumn morning, She pegs out her washing, A stronger penumbra inhaling Deep into her marrow The aroma of damp meadow Flowers and grass crushed underfoot And […]

Sky Sliver Waiting

Originally posted on Whimsygizmo's Blog:
… Shadow that wily moon. Let’s find a way to make her swoon to something besides this scattered sky, these changing tides. She needs a good spanking, really. A hankering for something other than salt, water; the quiet waning of crescent, the dust of stars.   .. I’m hosting…