The day has not yet ended, we’re not ready for our beds, and the moon’s already rising while the sun’s on the horizon, smudging trees and meadows into charcoal shadows – a momentary impasse, a blur of branches, leaves and grass until the stars come out to play and night ink-washes day away. Kim M. […]

Pigeon Steps

Throughout history, women have taken pigeon steps, played ‘What’s the time?’ with Mr Wolf, as if our feet were bound, crinolines rigid and tightly laced, ankles hidden – we knew our place. Now we have shredded ribbons, learnt to march and ride our bikes burnt bras and held on to property, paving the way to […]

Humming into the Wind

Through sullen branches of ancestry, a deadened wind soughs a song of loss. Straggling souls skim the trees in skeins towards an ancient rookery to caw themselves to sleep. They echo through insomnolent dreams, but silvered by moonlit poetry I hum against the windy wings, through a mouthful of mouldering leaves, and the succubi of […]