Still Embraced by Summer

this summer’s overtopped itself with fern and willowherb below a tree a grassy lea with fern and willowherb it’s hard to find the perfect verb at least it is for me when winter comes and no bees hum at least it is for me most summer’s overdressed in green and days are always warm with […]

The Fervour of Fermentation

The seasonal fermentation of my October passion becomes more fervent, and I am more observant as her larder, fully stocked, is temporarily unlocked: piles of acorns underfoot; hedges full of autumn fruit; birches seed and conkers brown, sycamore helicopters tumble down; and, multiplied by recent rain that’s made the grasses green again, hordes of mushrooms […]

A Deceit of Lapwings

Singing softly as they zig-zag simple songs to a two-note tune, silhouetted lapwing deceit syncopated in trickery. Peewits flash and turn, black and white, peeling from sky, they start to dive, peacocking with aerobatics, peaking with their springtime antics. Kim M. Russell, 6th October 2022 This Thursday, Grace is our host for the dVerse Poets […]