Heavy Plant Crossing

The country road tilts and blends into a sudden blind bend, overhung with bush and tree, so dense that, at first, I do not see a red and white sign erupting from a pile of soil: heavy plant crossing. My imagination runs riot with giant hogweed and triffids evolved from seeds that drifted down from […]


She offers him ­           ­a bright red capsicum, a  lonely heart, filled with peppery seeds. She holds her breath, ­           bares delicate, perfumed skin, anticipates a sharp knife’s  sting: seeds are spilled, ­           her heart sliced and diced into a hot stew, a […]

Midsummer Verges

Content in our garden’s leafy shade, I think back to weedy margins on a distant council estate, full of dandelions and significance, between pan-hot pavement and simmering black tar, a strip of withered grass, litter-strewn and dotted with dog mess, where bike wheels used to spin, click, tick; children clutched coins in sweaty hands at […]