Crows Calling at Night

Crows in the boughs remind her of her distant home, the man she left behind. Perhaps he listens to the patter of the rain, the cawing of the roosting birds, and thinks of her. So alone, she lies down on her bed, her crow black eyes like stones. Kim M. Russell, 20th April 2021 Image […]

Traces of an Elephant’s Tears (Empathy)

I feel the tears, although there is only a trace now. Just like the baby elephant, alone in the zoo, abandoned with only a memory of the mother it will never forget. And what about the mother’s tears? The tears of the herd? It is not absurd that my maternal instinct rears in despair at […]


The souls of soles, when bare, kiss earth, and sink into its vibrations. Shoes dull the senses, feet despair of boots and pumps, need sensations of soil and moisture, and the flow of air around each toe. Feet welcome liberation every summer; the change from bare white trotters to tanned exultation, collecting grains of sand […]

A Splash of Sorrow

I threw them, one at a time,into the stream, those sorrows of mine. I watched them fight the current,but it was only for a moment, gasped as they swallowed river,and smiled as they trod water. I even gave them a hand,pulled them onto solid land. They may be sorrows, but they’re mine,and I’ve grown to […]


a glass of winenot mineblood redagainst whitelinenshimmerswith candlelightstirs emotionsand baffles headsmakes us dazedand confusedas someone once saidwith one flickof a napkinthe glass is dashedwhite linenadorned with rosy blush Kim M. Russell, 5th April 2021 Image by Edge2EdgeMedia on Unsplash My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: In Praise of the Grape Linda, our host for […]

At the end of the party…

when it all slows down, music, body, brain, you feel like you’ve been drinking acid rain. Lights explode into colours and shadows are palpable; in the dark corners of a sofa, some are even huggable. Darkness starts to fade, daylight begins to hover through gaps in the morning and a mother of a hangover and […]