Morning Shivers

Winter’s at its lowest ebb, with branches bare against low skies and frost crisp at the river’s edge. Dawn carves grooves into the ice formed on the garden pond, where grass seeds are petrified into brittle frozen fronds. Early morning has been captured in a sparkling silver sculpture. Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to […]


Stubborn leaves bristle branches in a whickering wind; frost has finished off apples in the grass – it’s cold enough to light a fire. From the heart of steely winter silence, something hard taps on glass. I check windows, see only winter sky where black bones of twigs scrape at emptiness. Kneeling on the floor […]

Mirror Magic

The mirror in the garden pond is cracked with rushes, irises, rotting leaves and watercress; a single poppy lingers on, pale petals promise oblivion. In the mirror of the garden spade, a toad with its glittering topaz gaze, legs akimbo and puffed up body dangles from the shiny blade, toxin flooding warty membrane. Mirror, mirror […]