She’s a bright splatter of golden petalled bloom anchored in earth with her many faces in a single head. Her roots absorb toxins from the flowerbed as she worships the sun, tracking its movement across the sky with the loyalty of a lover’s eye. Kim M. Russell, 15th July 2019 My response to dVerse Poets […]

From Fret to Regret

My teenage passion was fingering frets, twisting my fingers into chords and positions, resonating the sound hole of a Yamaha. When telephone wire silhouettes strung across yellow and orange sunsets resemble strings, I regret giving up my dream of playing like Williams or Bream. Kim M. Russell, 17th June 2019 My poem for dVerse Poets […]

Dragon Quadrille

What has become of dragons? Do they leave trails of scales and seaweed on every rock and shore? Do dragons roar in echoes of thunderstorms, scorch burling clouds with lightning from their tails? Do dragons lurk in lava and ore deep within the earth’s core? What are they forging? Kim M. Russell, 3rd June 2019 […]

Rich Tapestry

Vast fields billow like an awning with stripes of green and brown, a landscape spring ploughed, rudely rich and ready for sowing: an elaborate rural tapestry to make a weaver proud. A few small stitches in the sky mark a lark that’s passing by. Kim M. Russell,  20th May 2019 This Monday I’m hosting the […]

Up Ended

I miss the freedom of childhood summers threading daisies searching for four-leaf clover turning an up- side down handstand against the wall dresses tucked in knickers laughing at each other’s frown that was an up- ended smile an omen it would soon be over Kim M. Russell, 6th May 2019 My response to dVerse Poets […]


Each night in dreams I stroll and troll for pearls [of wisdom] with which to pay the mermaids for all the magical songs they troll [la la] to keep at bay the ugly troll (de loll] hiding in the shadows of the computer screen. Kim M. Russell, 25th March 2019 My response to dVerse Poets […]