After the Flush

After the first full flush
of the pink cherry’s blush,

April’s shivering, brazen breeze
begins the leisurely striptease,

peeling innocent, frilly petals
from blossom, and blossoms

from branches, until all
that’s left of bashful spring

is the foliage of trees
dappling and quietly greening.

Kim M. Russell, 20th April 2020

After the Flush 1
Our cherry tree at 10.30 this morning

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Don’t forget to…

Mish is our host for this Monday’s Quadrille, whose prompt was inspired by the search for toilet paper, an everyday item which is currently being hoarded, treasured and flushed. She says that ‘flush’ is a very versatile word, with a wide range of definitions and parts of speech and that she is in serious need of some ‘flushness’ right now.

So we are writing quadrilles of exactly 44 words, not including the title, and containing the word ‘flush’ or a form of the word.

37 thoughts on “After the Flush

  1. Our flowering crabapple and pear have undergone striptease and are into serious leafing. Spring is SO welcome this year, even more so, I think. Loved your poem. Sorry about the shingles. May they go quickly!

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